What’s in a Business Grade Computer?

Ryan Klund
| Business Development Associate

Occasionally here at SWICKtech, we have clients or outside organizations ask us questions about the difference between a business-grade computer and a consumer-grade computer. Most of the time the questions are as follows:

“Why can’t we just buy our business computers at an electronics store?”

“Why are business-grade computers more expensive?”

“Is there really a difference between the computers we buy from you, and the computers we can buy at a store?

The basic answers to these questions are – Yes, business-grade computers are different than consumer computers – and – No, you should not rely on a consumer-level computer for business activities.

Here at SWICKtech, we put together custom business-grade computers with specifications that are tailored to our clients’ needs. Business-grade computers at two different companies might be built with different components depending on the two business’ needs, but in general there are three aspects that differentiate business-grade computers from consumer-grade computers.



One of the most important aspects of a computer is the quality of the materials that go into the machine. Business-grade computers are typically made with a metal housing, rather than a plastic. Also, the electronics, power delivery, and other components are made with higher quality materials. Build quality is important because business workstations are expected to stay powered on and working for your team.

Business-grade PCs are built for a 40-hour+ work week, transport, travel, and everything that comes with a busy job.


We quote and sell all our computer hardware with no less than a three-year warranty. That contrasts consumer-grade machines, which typically start with just one year of basic hardware coverage, in order to keep costs lower. Quality OEM warranties with on-site service and a partner like SWICKtech can fix a machine and have it back in production quickly. Oftentimes, consumer warranties require mail-in service and can take several weeks to be fixed and/or replaced.

Can your employee go two weeks without their computer if something breaks?


In today’s cyber threat landscape, your business data is too precious not to be secured. Threat actors are extorting businesses for data every day if they can get to it and lock you out. Business-grade machines are set up by IT experts and have tools installed to protect you from outside threats. Many business-grade computers come with facial recognition cameras, fingerprint readers, and components for drive encryption. Consumer-grade computers may not have the same security tools and utilities. Also, consumer computers typically are subsidized by software companies and come installed with bloatware, or pre-installed software that is usually running on a free trial. At SWICKtech, we deploy a clean image of Windows, without any unnecessary software.

In the long run, the potential for lost productivity due to downtime and security threats to your network will make business-grade computers more affordable than consumer computers for your organization. At SWICKtech, as a rule of thumb, we think $1/day is a good cost for a business-grade computer that will serve your organization now and in the future.

At SWICKtech, we can build your employees a machine with exactly the specifications necessary for success, nothing more and nothing less. If you are considering an expert IT partner, we would love to have a no-strings attached conversation with you about how we can partner with you for success.

Stop potential hackers in their tracks.

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