The Top IT Trends of 2017… So Far


The Top IT Trends of 2017 ... So Far

The IT world changes quickly. Although we might not have a crystal ball to find out what the hot button issue will be next month (or even next week) some of the biggest IT trends of 2017, especially cyber security trends, have already started to unfold. This is what we’re seeing so far this year.  

  • Increased Focus on Cloud Security: It’s no secret more organizations are migrating to the cloud. Likewise, as reports of cloud data breaches and hacking rise, organizations are focusing their attention on keeping their cloud secure. At SWICKtech, we stay on top of the latest cloud computing threats, including monitoring devices and protecting against things like ransomware. 
  • Hardened Physical Perimeter Security: Not only is it important for increased cloud security, there are many advancements in securing your physical perimeter within the day to day business. This involves strengthening many different layers including the network, network perimeter, endpoints, policy, and digital assets. Security does not have to be hard. SWICKtech is a strong advocate for building systems from the bottom up: build strong foundations to secure the layers above. SWICKtech has built a collection of best practices, designs, and systems to improve the security of many common business applications – Active Directory, Exchange, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, etc. On the networking side of things, the most important place to apply security controls is at the internet edge (firewall). There are options ranging from basic layer four firewalls all the way to full UTM (Unified Threat Management) Microsoft Dynamics 365 2017 Technology trendappliances (FortiGates). SWICKtech will help deploy and fine tune these security services, including web filtering, DNS filtering, SPAM filtering, application control, intrusion prevention, data-leak prevention, and more. 
  • Collaborative Work: As offices continue to make their offline environments more collaborative, employees are looking for collaborative online solutions as well. This is where Microsoft Office 365, with robust programs like Microsoft Teams 365 and Power BI, come into play. At SWICKtech, we’re Microsoft 365 experts and can show you how to use it to make your digital environment more cooperative. 
  • Single Source CRM / ERP Platforms: The next generation of cloud business applications is here. Microsoft Dynamics 365 unifies traditional customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities into new purpose-built business applications to accelerate changing needs of 2017’s digital transformation. Dynamics 365 offers packaging of key areas of operation for ANY business to utilize as well as the opportunity to purchase each application separately. The Dynamics 365 Apps include Sales, Field Service, Customer Service, Project Service Automation, Marketing, Financials, and Operations. SWICKtech is becoming well-versed in these programs ourselves at our own business as well as helping consult on best way to host and maintain these cloud based applications for our client’s environments.
  • Microsoft Azure Site Recovery ASR Top Technology 2017 trendData Backup and Disaster Recovery: Virtual data, and data recovery systems, are officially a key part of any organization.  Not only are data breaches a top security threat; having a data backup and recovery plan in place ensures your organization continues to run smoothly in any situation.  If you’re struggling to develop a recovery and backup solution, we can help. Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is a cutting edge way to orchestrate your disaster recovery plan. With automated protection and replication of virtual machines, customizable recovery plans, remote health monitoring and more; our SWICKtech Engineers are capable of creating stable ASR environments for your critical digital assets. 
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