Developing Your Data Backup Strategy

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Developing Your Data Backup Strategy


In today’s increasingly digital world, businesses generate, and rely, on data more than ever. Unfortunately, most businesses’ backup strategies haven’t kept up with the times, putting key files at risk.

If you’re developing your businesses’ data backup strategy, it’s important to focus on a solution which includes more than just hardware. Instead, your strategy should include working with a partner dedicated to both on-site and off-site solutions as well as keeping up with the latest security trends, threats and more. What your business truly needs is a Technology Business Partner, like SWICKtech.

Considering Your Options

As you develop your backup and disaster recovery strategy, consider your budget and data volume.

If you’re a small company with just an employee or two, backing up your data using a free (or relatively free) service like DropBox or Google Drive might be sufficient. Most businesses, however, need a more robust solution, such as a hybrid or private cloud.

Hybrid vs. Private Cloud Backup for Business Data

Hybrid Clouds, like Microsoft’s Azure Backup, are often cost effective and require minimal maintenance from your managed service provider. Most packages are easily scalable and offer automated software updates. Additionally, they are often better than traditional tape backups featuringshorter recovery time in the event of a failure, cost-savings and nearly 100 years of data retention.  

Private Clouds, on the other hand, are just that --- completely private. This means your data is not stored in the same place as anyone else’s. Additionally, unlike the hybrid cloud configuration, where most updates and monitoring are automated, IT specialists actively monitor and update private cloud configurations to protect your data.

This can be especially helpful if your business needs a customized environment to support line of business or ERP applications.  

Other Valuable Business Considerations

  • Rules, Governance and Compliance: Certain industries, regions and countries have rules regulating data storage. Don't forget about these guidelines as you develop your backup plans.
  • Test, test, test: Be sure to fully test your system before implementation. Simulate a total loss. Can you easily recover your files? How long will it take for you to get your business up and running again? If you can’t adequately answer these questions (or, if the answer to each question isn’t “quickly,”) consider another solution.
  • Encryption: It’s no secret hacking and cyber crime is on the rise. Encrypting your data before backing it up ensures total security.
  • On-Premise Solutions: Yes, off-site computer backup solutions are a must to keep your data secure. They will keep your business afloat in the case of a total loss. Don’t forget to develop an on-site solution as well for quick data recovery to ensure no loss of critical business data.

Ultimately, a strong data backup solution should include a well-tested solution for on-site and off-site recovery, giving you 100% confidence your critical digital assets are fully protected.

How Can SWICKtech Help

There are many options to focus on as you develop your data backup strategy. Let SWICKtech data backup experts take care of creating the best solution to fit your business needs. We offer both on-premise backup solutions, including offsite data back up in the cloud through Azure and our own managed private cloud environment. We actively monitor and take on the responsibility of maintaining a secure host for company data for hundreds of clients on a regular basis. SWICKtech also provides disaster recovery services, providing an additional level of protection, in the event of a natural disaster or total loss.

Don’t fret, our SWICKtech data backup experts will make this decision turnkey for your business. Contact us today for an evaluation of your current data backup solution and recommendations for improvements.

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