What Should You “BE” in 2013 to achieve success


Sponsoring GrowthClub

Swick Technologies jumped into 2013 as a continued Silver Sponsor at ActionCOACH’s quarterly GrowthClub workshop for the third year running. ActionCOACH of Elm Grove held this quarter’s GrowthClub at the Majestic Cinema of Brookfield which provided a welcoming venue for sponsors and motivated business owners alike. This quarter’s workshop focused on what we need to “BE” to achieve success in 2013 and the challenges we have to overcome to meet our goals.

As a leader of Milwaukee’s small business community, Gary Swick, president of Swick Technologies, was invited to be a guest speaker on GrowthClub’s discussion panel. He provided his perspective and advice based on years of experience earned from establishing and cultivating his burgeoning IT company from a start up to a staff of 16 strong.

Let It “BE”

As business owners, we sometimes get caught up in all the “doing” that it takes to run a successful company and we forget to focus on who we need to “BE”in order to fulfill our visions.

Gary says that this year, he has to “BE” a leader and a mentor for his staff. As a business owner, one of the greatest challenges is letting go. He has to stop focusing on doing all the technical work, which he loves, and focus his time on passing down his company’s values and making sure his staff is able to run the company as he would, with his vision. The vision of Swick Technologies is to provide stability and peace of mind for all its clients.

“No man is an island,” he says. You can’t do it all, and a capable, knowledgeable staff of 16 providing security and stability is always better than one. As a business owner, Gary’s best advice is that if you always put the customer first, you can never fail. The lifetime value of any customer renders substantially greater profits than a quick sale any day. His core focus is always on the company’s integrity and reputation with the client.

Customer Service is Paramount

Swick’s number one goal for 2013 is to focus on customer satisfaction, as always, and survey clients to improve their customer service to a point beyond those high standards which they have already implemented. Swick Technologies should set the highest standard in the industry for providing efficiency and customer satisfaction at all times.

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