The Benefits of an Office 365 for Business Upgrade


Milwaukee business IT providers Help Local Company Improve Workflow, Processes, Backup and More with Office 365 Upgrade

Although the latest version of Office 365 for Business was released in 2013, only recently have smaller to mid-sized companies been enlightened on the various ways this software upgrade can provide a better, faster, safer and more streamlined workflow.

Below, our Milwaukee business IT specialists explain how we helped one of our business IT clients (a Design, Build and Furnish Company with multiple locations in Waukesha and Appleton) make a successful, seamless and stress-free transition to Office 365 for Business.


The Need for an Office 365 for Business Upgrade

Our client was utilizing a combination of older, unsupported versions of Microsoft Office software. They wanted to upgrade and consolidate their software to one main version which would support company-wide needs. They also wanted employees to be able to work remotely with a safe and reliable system. Additionally, the company needed a larger capacity for emails and a better business back-up solution.


The Benefits of Office 365 for Business

The upgrade to Office 365 for Business delivered many benefits which aided in faster, more efficient and convenient workflow processes, as well as cost-savings on spam software.

With the help of the Milwaukee business IT providers at SWICKtech, we were able to successfully migrate over 175 email boxes, 100 home drives to OneDrive and 100 installations of Microsoft Office throughout the entire company.

In addition, we migrated the company off the older Microsoft Exchange 2010 on-site email server, so they could take advantage of a 50 GB mailbox, plus better business backup and guaranteed up-time with email.

Office 365 for Business also has a built-in Anti-Spam, which eliminated the company’s need to pay for separate monthly Anti-Spam licenses.

Finally, our Milwaukee business IT providers aided in the implementation of a centrally-managed “Cloud”version, which delivered a company-wide email signature solution.


How Office 365 for Business Can Help You!

Depending on your company’s needs and current systems, Office 365 for Business can unlock better, safer and more efficient workflow processes.

Some additional benefits of Office 365 for Business include:

  • Reduced risk of Cloud Computing
  • Eliminates risk of business email going down
  • Eliminates required VPN for quick, easy connection & convenient login access
  • Syncs easily with mobile devices
  • Enhanced security
  • High vaue-add software programs – SharePoint, Lync (business version of IM), OneDrive and more!
  • Larger mailbox storage for VPs, Presidents, etc. – Up to 50 GB of Storage regularly
  • Eliminates MS Licensing upgrades (2007, 2010, 2013 and more) with continuous licensing upgrades
  • Scalable recurring monthly investment – Ability to increase and decrease monthly cost depending on number of users


How our Milwaukee Business IT Providers Can Help!

If you’re ready to make a company-wide upgrade to Office 365 for Business, or if you would like more information on how this upgrade can specifically benefit your company, contact the Milwaukee business IT specialists at SWICKtech.

Our experienced team of technical business IT providers can comprehensively advise your company based on specified requests and requirements. We plan and execute the upgrade process to ensure the safety and security of existing files, software programs, etc., as well as mitigate or eliminate any company downtime.

Contact your Milwaukee business IT providers now & start reaping the benefits of an Office 365 upgrade!

Stop potential hackers in their tracks.

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