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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an incredibly versatile and productive communication tool that organizations have been utilizing for years. And now, you can learn more about implementing EDI in to your organization directly from a SWICKtech expert on our new podcast.

Our new podcast series will explore relevant IT issues, providing an in-depth look at the information your organization needs to know.

In our first recording, out now, we’re diving into the basics of EDI, providing organizations a framework on which they can base their decision making.

EDI allows organizations to transition to a computer-based communication process, saving time and valuable resources for businesses. But, implementing EDI is not without challenges. From choosing the correct set of EDI standards to communicate with your EDI trading partners, deciding on an EDI format to implement, and implementing EDI, there are many decisions to make and processes to monitor along the way.

When EDI is correctly implemented, it can provide an array of benefits for organizations

For organizations looking to scale and grow their operations, EDI is a simple way to manage large volumes of transactions.

EDI reduces the processing time on orders, allowing more to be processed each day.

By cutting out internal employee interaction, EDI improves accuracy and increases overall organizational efficiency.

When you’re ready to take the next step to implementing EDI in your organization, listen to the first episode of our new podcast to learn the basics from one of our industry experts.

You can stream or download the episode using the links below.


You can also listen on StitcherGoogle Play  or the Apple Podcast App. 



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