Make Your Life Easier: Move Your Business to the Cloud


There is no denying it: enterprise cloud services have become a major part of many IT strategies. Unfortunately, the cloud migration process can seem daunting. For many organizations, however, cloud data migration provides many benefits, improving the lives of both employees and vendors.

Benefits of Migration to the Cloud

Many organizations turn to enterprise cloud services to solve a particular problem or pain point. Happily, they often discover the benefits of migration to the cloud extend beyond what they were expecting. A few of the major benefits of cloud data migration include:

  • Faster Deployments: Enterprise cloud services can increase software efficiency. The steps to implement applications are often easier with enterprise cloud services than a traditional in-house server model.
  • Decreased Reliance on In-House Data Centers: If you host all data on-premise and there is a power outage, all employees, including those that work remotely, lose data access to key data. This risk is mitigated with a cloud computing model, where data is often hosted in a secure, off-site location. This increases reliability, while reducing overhead costs.
  • Reduced IT costs, Increase Capabilities: The costs associated with off-site enterprise cloud services are usually less than the cost of maintaining a secure, on-site server. This gives IT teams the option to increase and expand their capabilities with a reduced budget. It also allows for easier organizational growth. The cost of additional server space is the only additional monthly fee most businesses have to cover.
  • Improved Collaboration and Productivity: Most businesses see a 10% increase in productivity after completing the cloud migration process, which is partially due to the increased collaboration possible through enterprise cloud services. The file transfer process becomes simplified, the software is often more flexible, and the data is often easier to manage.
Cloud Migration Process Challenges

Any organizational change comes with challenges and risks. However, acknowledging the risks beforehand allows for time to address and plan for any challenges that may prevent of a successful cloud data migration. A few common risks identified by businesses include:

  • Maintaining Sensitive Data: Anytime data is stored off-site, security is concern. Each method of enterprise cloud services come with different levels of security. Businesses must analyze the level of security needed prior to the cloud data migration. However, many private cloud computing services are very secure, and can meet the demands of many organizations with strict security needs.
  • Legal Risks: Some industries, such as healthcare and banking, have stricter legal restrictions regarding client and customer data.  In some cases, these restrictions may limit what information can be stored in the cloud, or impose strict security measures that must be taken in to consideration with that data.
  • Vendor Availability: Vendor availability is often a major concern during a cloud data migration. When the data is stored off-site, businesses need to access that data. Likewise, a support team should also be available, if issues arrive.  With SWICKTech Managed Private Cloud Services, we guarantee that privacy, performance, and stability are maintained 24/7. IT specialists are also on-hand to provide support whenever you need it. Learn more about this service.
Are Enterprise Cloud Services Right for your Business?

Many factors must be considered during a cloud migration. A solid cloud migration project plan can make a major difference in the success of the process. Ready to get started? Contact a cloud data migration specialist at SWICKTech to develop a plan for your successful cloud migration process.

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