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Love is not always what comes to mind for a business owner when thinking about technology. Frustration, dread and fear can be common words associated with implementing technology.

As Carlos Dominguez, senior vice president of Cisco Systems said, “Over the next 10 years, about 40 percent of the present Fortune 500 companies will no longer be here. There will be a large increase in the failure rate because they can’t adapt to change.”

As you may have experienced, applying the newest technology isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Deploying technology into your business environment successfully has become a science. If done correctly you can reap huge benefits and walk into work feeling miles ahead of the competition and exuberantly happy. However, if a technology is implemented wrong you can end up spending thousands of dollars and still feel throbbing growing pains for years to come. Our technicians are highly qualified and have years of experience with many types of technology implementation. We also have experience in fixing problems that may have been caused by mediocre implementation.

The challenge that businesses face is knowing when and how to adapt to the changes in technology. Timing of the integration of certain technologies is crucial for their success. Investing in technology early saves money by increasing efficiency and therefore increasing potential profits.

The best way to adapt to these constant waves of changes is to create an environment that allows you to experiment with certain technologies to ensure they have a positive effect before a mass execution is done. Swick Technology’s engineers have experience with technology like virtualization which is one way to accomplish this challenge. Virtualization allows you run programs and situations in an isolated test environment.

Technology is allowing business professionals the ability to streamline their business. As an example, smartphones are allowing employees to access their email and some documents away from work. Allowing problems to be solved when they happen instead of the next business day. This can not only save your reputation but also money that maybe spent either in refunds or loss of clientele.

Technology is not going away, if anything it is speeding up. One of the few ways to appreciate and love a new technology is to properly embrace it and insure it’s implemented correctly. Is your company ready for the upcoming changes? Call today and schedule your free technology assessment!

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