David Beat Goliath: Why Every Business Needs Multi-Layered IT Security Now


Technology is so integrated into everything we do (especially in the business world) that we’ve come to depend on it for almost everything—but with this digital revolution comes a fair share of dangers. Whether large or small, your company’s systems and data are more vulnerable to digital crime than you might think.

Don’t panic, this isn’t a story of an undefeatable monster. Rather, this is a story about the little guy overcoming the oversized bully. A virtual David & Goliath of sorts.

What matters is how prepared you are. Though cyber threats are very real, and very dangerous, adoptingmulti-layered IT security solutions is the most effective way to slay security risks before they terrorize your network. Taking these small steps will help you to identify, assess, and eliminate threats proactively, stopping minor menaces before they become giant ones.


Layers of Protection at Every Level

Envisioning your entire technology network and the complex, interrelated communication involved may seem daunting at first, but it can be broken down pretty easily. We’ll define vulnerable access points, from large to small:

1. The Internet

2. ISP Equipment: Routers, modems and other equipment that physically connect to the internet via cables and access points.

3. Firewall: The door that incoming data from the internet and outgoing data from a network must pass through.

4. Server: Acts as a central hub for all the computers connected to a network.

5. Devices: All workstations, laptops, mobile devices, VolP phones, mobile printers, etc. These are the tools people work with daily.

This is the most basic understanding of the framework on which technology operates, but from here we are able to begin building the various layers of defense.

The Internet is the vehicle on which (virtually) all outside threats are possible. As technology advances, so to do the techniques criminals use to bypass a company’s defense. While it is a never-ending cycle, implementing the correct methods of defense can make a company far less attractive as a target. Even though nothing is ever 100% perfect when it comes to security, there’s still pretty close. In almost every scenario, this is more than enough.


Multi-Layered Security

What this really means is that every single level of your network, from workstation all the way to what the internet is allowed to “let in,”, has layers of security built in. Utilizing security procedures that are proven industry best practices in conjunction with active and ongoing support builds an umbrella of protection.

Things like documentation of activity and process management, frequent systems checks (including weekends), fast isolation and response, data backup and recovery solutions, and ISP management are what make up an umbrella of defense.


Proactive Monitoring

It’s kind of like having a watchdog—always on alert and ready to defend your network at a moment’s notice. And it’s far more than just antivirus software. Proactive monitoring means that all disaster scenarios have been planned for, all systems are constantly monitored, and active defense and recovery methods are in place and on stand-by.

This means that all technology operating on a network is always being managed and monitored. 24/7/365. Antivirus software, regular security updates, malware protection, and web filtering across all relatable spectrums build the framework of truly proactive monitoring.
Backup & Recovery

Not all disaster scenarios are a result of criminal activity. Sometimes, a natural disaster or machine failure is the issue. When a company has its data backed up off-site, even the worst case scenarios become far less devastating. This is the backup plan. Plan B. Regular data syncs and recovery solutions ensure that no matter what happens, your business can weather any storm, and overcome any bully.


Proactive = Protected

It’s worth worrying about what might happen if one of those cyber bullies sets their sights on your company’s data; given a long enough timeline, everyone has a run in of some kind. The trick to coping with knowledge of all of the dangers that come with using technology in your business is to take a proactive approach—prepare for the worst, and you can sleep easier at night knowing that your sensitive data is protected at every level.

Stop potential hackers in their tracks.

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