Addressing the IT Skills Gap: Selecting A Managed IT Solutions Provider


The IT department of most medium-sized businesses may often be the butt of a joke. One usually envisions a stereotypical “nerd” fixing printers.

Even if a company has an IT team, many also face an additional issue: the increasing IT skills gap. It’s harder than ever for businesses to find qualified IT talent.

In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that 1.4 million computer science-related jobs will be available by 2020, but only 400,000 computer science graduates will have the skills to fill the open positions.

However, imagine disaster striking the company and a sudden realization that your security measures couldn’t stop a 16-year-old from accessing the entire database. Without an IT disaster recovery plan, the company’s future remains uncertain. These types of events can be so catastrophic for unprepared companies that many shut down soon after experiencing a technical disaster.

Let’s back up: why don’t more businesses consider working with a managed IT solutions provider?


A managed IT solutions provider assists businesses with their IT needs, compensating for the skills gap in an internal IT department or taking on all IT responsibilities. Although many organizations might shutter at the thought of “outsourcing” their IT, a managed solutions provider can handle everyday IT responsibilities as well as additional resources for larger projects.

Hiring an MSP provider ensures your company is always covered, even if your IT infrastructure needs aren’t steady or you can’t find the right internal talent. In fact, many business and organizations can go weeks without a major incident but require extended resources during an upgrade or troubleshooting.


Robust IT support requires more than installing a wireless network and providing email support: it is an integral part of your company’s success. This includes network security, data backup, IT infrastructure support, application set-up and maintenance as well as other technology needs.

Not only should a MSP provider design a system for existing requirements, it must anticipate future growth that coincides with your sales objectives. As your IT demands increase,  IT infrastructure will suitably grow alongside.

Your MSP provider should act as an extension of your company, rather than a contracted group used in an emergency.


While hiring IT talent is becoming increasingly difficult, enlisting a third party to manage your business IT infrastructure should instill confidence. A major tenet of a managed IT solutions provider is overseeing the network’s health to continually ensure optimal IT stability, while finely detailing the necessary steps to resolving urgent and timely issues.


When consulting organizations to undertake the development of a network infrastructure, it’s imperative to inquire further about the degree of its team’s expertise and knowledge within the industry. Those with employees having only a basic understanding of IT support and maintenance may not align with your company’s needs. Address existing network problems and concerns when choosing a potential partner, covering items that may impact any future work.

Additionally, a skilled business IT specialist team of support staff will be knowledgeable of industry trends and apply any new technologies or systems to improve the existing framework. Understanding the need for improved devices and implementing those correctly is what truly defines an MSP provider.

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