6 Reasons an IT Managed Services Provider is Your Ticket to Network Security


Good businesses are built on solid foundations. Great ideas and hard-working employees are important, but a vital piece to every modern company’s infrastructure is a solid IT network. For those companies unable to afford an internal IT department or for those who simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of maintaining a high quality IT team, IT managed services providers offer an alternative to going it alone. When choosing between in-house IT, managed IT services, or going with a lone IT guy, think about what your company needs for reliable, locked down network security.

1. When Disaster Strikes, You’re Covered

The question isn’t if your computers will go down, it’s really a matter of when. Your IT is a network of complex machinery—and there’s not a single machine out there that’s ever survived indefinitely without downtime. You need backups of your important data and a disaster recovery plan in place to get your business up and running—whether you experience a natural disaster, a hacker attack or an unexpected server failure. Installing an expensive computer network without a backup plan is like buying a high-performance sports car without any insurance. A great IT managed services provider can quickly and effectively implement a comprehensive backup system and work up a tailored disaster recovery plan for your company.

2. Built-In Email and Communications Management

The most important elements of an IT network are the facets that allow you to interact with your customers. Your salespeople send emails, your customer service representatives chat instantly, and you might even set up automated messages to alert new customers about your products. While those communications are vital, they also represent the weakest part of a network. They’re the doors and windows into your IT network—so they must be protected as such. An IT managed services provider places a bouncer at the door of your VIP company to ensure your communications stay secure.

3. Proactive Monitoring Predicts and Prevents Problems

Because IT networks are often out of sight, they are often out of mind. As long as your computers are up and everyone is talking, there’s nothing for the IT department to do…right? Tech-forward companies engage inproactive monitoring to catch potential issues in your IT network before they become problems. Proactive monitoring is to IT networks what preventative maintenance is to industrial machines. Your IT network is a complex web of software and hardware, so problematic elements can slip in between the cracks. An excellent IT managed services provider provides 24/7 monitoring on network activity so you’ll know exactly when a breach occurs and security measures can be implemented to prevent additional damage. After all, would you rather catch a toddler opening the refrigerator—or clean up an entire kitchen full of chocolate syrup after the fact?

4. IT MSPs Are Up On Current Technology Best Practices & Industry Standards

Keeping up with the Joneses is tough enough, but staying on top of the latest security trends, software updates and malware alerts is even tougher. A great IT managed services provider is passionate about technology: studying industry leaders, reading IT case studies, and reviewing new products and services every day to ensure they’re always on the forefront of technology and network security trends. You know those do-everything-yourself motivations in entrepreneurs? Well it’s unlikely that ambitious entrepreneur also built the office, installed the plumbing and picks up lunch every day. Sometimes the best move a business can make iscalling in the experts. It’s your best bet to ensure your network is up to speed and locked down.

5. Strategic Planning for a Solid Future

IT networks evolve. Today’s top-of-the-line hardware is tomorrow’s rotary phone. You don’t always need the newest and fastest next-big-thing, but knowing what fits your business best and will provide the most bang for your budget is key. Anticipating software trends and budgeting for hardware updates are some of the biggest challenges small businesses face. Strong companies plan for the future, and stronger companiesensure their IT budget is a big part of that plan. Managed IT service providers take the guesswork out of what’s best for your business and your budget, now and into the future.

6. MSPs KNOW Network Security

Big or small, hackers target us all. Your customer data, whether account numbers, credit card numbers or Social Security info is all up for grabs. Cybercrime is a growth industry. It seems like we hear about big-time security breaches nearly every day at this point. Even just one unprotected computer can put your entire network at risk. Can you be sure that your network is safe, from laptops to logins and beyond?

Managed service providers are here to take away the necessary headaches of a solid IT network. They backup your important information and assist in data recovery. They protect your network from external security threats. They ensure your communications go through on both ends. They monitor your systems for problems. They stay on top of the best ways to do all things IT. They help you manage and plan for your company’s future.

Don’t wait for IT to become a problem. Implement a solution today with a great IT managed services provider.


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