10 Things You Didn’t Know an Off-Site IT Team Can Do For Your Business


Outsourcing Your IT: It’s an Option

There are plenty of reasons a company might consider outsourcing IT. Small- to mid-size businesses experiencing growth often need IT services, but can’t afford their own in-house department. Then there’s the company with an in-house IT department that can’t seem to get things under control. More and more companies are turning to off-site IT services to manage their technology needs.

99% of the time, it all boils down to one simple reason: to stay secure and productive, your business needs moreIT services than are currently available.

And so the search begins. A quick Google search brings up pages of companies offering the same thing: solutions to all your IT needs. How can you tell which IT company is the best fit for your business? Aside from cost of services, the types of services offered are going to be the deciding factor.

What do you really need? You want IT that works without worry. (We call it IT stability.)


A great off-site IT company will handle all your IT needs, so you don’t have to worry—just day-to-day business as usual. Check out these valuable services a great off-site IT team can provide. (You might even notice certain services you didn’t even know you needed—and likely won’t want to operate without!)

Project Consulting & Project Management

Managing new business technology projects can be difficult, especially when there’s a lot of moving parts progressing at different rates. A great IT provider will work with your management team to build a project plan to get the job done in the most efficient and organized manner possible. They’ll also manage your IT projects from start to finish—because hey, you don’t need more on your plate.

Strategic IT Management Planning

Think of your company’s big-picture goals: where are you now and where do you want to be in the future? Technology is constantly evolving and your IT will inevitably need to keep up. The two biggest hurdles to this forward momentum are often a lack of integrated strategic planning and confusion over which technology trendshave the most longevity. A great IT service team applies their years of expertise to best integrate your business technology goals into your overall strategic plan.

Business Software Consulting

Changing software or service applications can be scary. But knowing what software you need to run your business most efficiently shouldn’t be up to a salesman. If your IT source doesn’t run an analysis to ensure you’re integrating the right business software, then help you understand how to use it effectively, well, you might want to start searching elsewhere. Your IT team should be working with your business to keep you ahead of the curve, so your team is never struggling to keep up, disrupting day-to-day operations. The right software should help you streamline your business processes, not induce panic due to major procedural changes.

Proactive Services Solutions

The meat and potatoes of an off-site IT service provider: to protect your systems from threats, including data loss or theft, hackers, viruses and natural disasters. You’ll need everything from solid hardware to great data protection, plus backup and recovery services—and your off-site IT team needs to manage it all. Great IT protection includes these key elements:

Continual, proactive monitoring of all services and technology,

Proactive prediction of potential problems, and

Built-in prevention and recovery plans for when IT problems arise.

A great off-site IT service team will also immediately alert you to any problems and take the proper steps to get your business smoothly operating again with as little downtime as possible.

Cloud Services

Imagine your team, able to work securely and productively from anywhere in the world. Cloud technology is the next leap forward in tech—a revolution in data management and comprehensive business collaboration. An off-site IT service team offering managed private cloud solutions is thinking ahead of the curve. The future is in the cloud!

Custom, Streamlined Networking Infrastructure Builds

The hardware and software your company uses is an intricate, architectural web of interconnected devices and programs. Built from the ground up, the right way, the first time is the only acceptable path to IT stability. A great off-site IT service provider will build and manage your network infrastructure and upgrade it with stability in mind as technology evolves.

Backup Services & Recovery

Data loss is always a risk. A great IT service team offers much more than just backup protection—they offer backup solutions! Streamlining data to eliminate redundancy and maximize storage space, consistent monitoring of backups to make sure everything is up-to-date, virtual and physical storage as well as long term data storage options—these are solutions to look for if you want the best of the best.

Best Practices are the Standard, not the Exception

Great IT service teams follow and observe only best-practice solutions across all aspects of IT services. A great team stays on top—involved and actively ahead of the industry best practices and standards, whether we’re talking software, hardware, documentation, storage systems or servers.

Communication Management

Without email, phone systems, internet and intranet, business would be a no go. Your off-site IT team should have processes in place that ensure your email and phone systems don’t go down and that all systems and applications are correctly and efficiently communicating across your network.

Always-There IT Support

Technology problems can arise at any time. If a laptop goes down during your busiest work periods, what good is an IT support team if they can’t fix it right away? A great off-site IT company anticipates client concerns about IT support and offers multiple IT support options.

Bonus Round: With a truly great off-site IT team, keeping your IT stable and operating smoothly isn’t just their job—it must also be their passion. It’s about true, all-around IT stability you can count on every single day.

Stop potential hackers in their tracks.

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