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Knowledge is meant to be shared. SWICKtech has collected some of the area's top technology talent as IT engineers and consultants and we strive to share what we know. Check out some of these videos on a wide range of technology topics. 

If you have any questions or suggestions on video topics, feel free to contact us with your thoughts

Microsoft Teams

Brain Food Webinar: Microsoft Teams does that?!

How To Chat With Multiple People using Microsoft Teams


How To Use a Survey or Poll in Microsoft Teams


How To Invite Someone You Don't Work With To A Teams Meeting


How To Schedule a Live Event in Teams


How To Use Microsoft Teams for Making Phone Calls


How to share screen in Microsoft Teams meeting


How To Set up a Microsoft Teams Meeting in Outlook Calendar


How To Use Microsoft Teams for Sharing Files


How To Use Access Your Files in Micrsoft Teams, and Sync them to your computer


How To Collaborate On Files in Microsoft Teams


How To Meet using the "Meet Now" Feature in Microsoft Teams


How To Upload a Custom Video Background into Microsoft Teams


How to get more emojis in Microsoft Teams


How To Set up Microsoft Teams for Business


Microsoft Teams 201: Meetings, Chat and Calls - Webinar

How to indicate importance in Microsoft Teams messages


How to turn on read reciepts in Microsoft Teams


How to screen share audio from a video in Microsoft Teams


How To set your status/availability in Microsoft Teams


How to sync files from Microsoft Teams to your computer


How to record a meeting in Microsoft Teams and get the video later


Can you delete a chat in Microsoft Teams?


How To Transfer a Call in Microsoft Teams


Using a VPN

What Is A VPN? And How Can It Be Used to Connect To A Business Network


How To Connect To VPN Using FortiClient


How To Connect To VPN with Cisco AnyConnect


Microsoft 365

How To Access Microsoft 365 Apps From A Web Browser


How to create Office 365 Groups and use them for better productivity


How to set up Multi-factor Authentication for Microsoft Office 365


Brain Food Webinar: Work From Home like an All Star with Microsoft 365

How To Collaborate with Others in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint


How To View and Revert to Previous Versions of Microsoft Files


Microsoft Planner Basics: Manage Tasks and Projects Effectively 

How To Sync Microsoft Planner Tasks to Outlook Calendar


How To Create a task and checklist in Microsoft Planner


How to create a task and checklist in Microsoft Planner


How to set up Microsoft Bookings


Microsoft OneDrive

How To Set Up and Sync Your Files to Microsoft OneDrive


How to access and share files in Microsoft OneDrive


Overview of Microsoft OneDrive for backing up and sharing files

How To Download, Install, and Access Files in OneDrive

How To Sign in and Access Files in OneDrive (if already installed on your computer)

How To Access Files in OneDrive (after program is installed and you're signed in)


SWICKtech Support

How To Set Up a SWICKtech Quick Remote Support Session



Brain Food Webinar: COVID-19 Scams, Cyber Attacks and Phishing Attempts

Email Cybersecurity Tip: Understand who the sender is


Three Types of COVID-19 Email Scams to watch out for


How To Make Sure A webpage domain link is safe 


How To Make Sure A Link Doesn't Redirect To A Malcious Site


How To Put Two Factor Authentication On Your FaceBook Account


Brain Food Webinar: Cybersecurity - How Secure Is Your Organization

What is Ransomware? 


How To Spot an Email Phishing Scam - with examples


Why using a Password Vault is essential for cybersecurity


Cybersecurity Secret Sauce: Our Recipe for Complete Protection | Webinar On-Demand 

How patching, antivirus and email filtering help improve cybersecurity


How Multifactor Authentication Stops Cyber Attacks


Microsoft Azure

What is Microsoft Azure 


The Benefits of Cloud Computing with Azure for Business


How To a Choose a Microsoft Azure Data Center Location


Backup and Recovery

Webinar: Disaster Recovery Plans for a Pandemic and Unexpected Setbacks


Four Options for Restoring Data From Backups


Reasons to use Site Recovery Technology and Data Backups


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