End of Service for Windows 7 Ahead

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Author: Shane Kroening, Client Advocacy and Technical Account Manager

Windows 7 end of service ahead

On January 14th, 2020 Microsoft will be ending extended support for Windows 7. This means no more security updates, no more patches, and a lot more concern for security holes. Many businesses are still utilizing a significant number of Windows 7 machines and while January 2020 may seem like a long time away, it's just around the corner. Windows 10 was designed for the modern computing environment that we all live and work in, with better security and better performance in mind. Did you know Windows 7 came out in 2009? That's hardly two years after the first iPhone!

If you or your co-workers are running Windows 7, you may have some questions before making the leap to Windows 10. Below, we have answered some of the basics. As always, if you have additional questions or concerns please contact your SWICKtech Account Representative to discuss solutions specific to your business’ needs.

why should i upgrade?

Each and every workstation is an important endpoint in your business, whether it helps one employee enter in accounting data or allows another employee make a sale. They are all interconnected to your server and network infrastructure and should be running optimally to ensure your business is always moving forward.

You may be thinking, "These Windows 7 systems are working just fine. Why should I bother investing in replacing them?". This is a very understandable perspective and it's hard to see the initial value in replacing devices which seem to be working without issue. When you begin to consider the risks related to these systems, it becomes very clear very quickly; the best solution is to replace Windows 7 workstations.

Some of the risk may seem small, such as an employee losing time due to a slower workstation. When you add up all the time an employee/s may spend sitting and waiting for their applications to load due to the age of their computer, it can add up quickly. With an upgrade to a new workstation running Windows 10, each individual will see increased performance and in turn, increased productivity.

Another innocuous risk is what happens when a workstation breaks down. If the system is older and out of warranty, you could be looking at weeks of down time to purchase and build a new workstation for that staff member. On the other hand, a newer workstation under warranty can have parts replaced in a matter of hours (at most a day or two), reducing maintenance and administrative costs.

Most important to help prevent against is having your dated workstation compromised by a hacker able to steal thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of dollars from your company. Once these Windows 7 systems reach end of service, there will be no more security updates. This leaves these systems even more vulnerable than they are today. Even with current patches, Windows 7 is significantly less secure than Windows 10 today.

If you or anyone else at your company uses the internet (yes, I realize you do or you wouldn't be reading this), you need to consider the very real reality no one is safe from identity theft, ransomware attacks and so much more. Having a more modern OS with modern security considerations is step number one in ensuring you are that much more protected.

ready to upgrade?

While migrating your workstations and staff may seem daunting, our experienced team of analysts and engineers have tried and true processes to help upgrade your outdated computers with as little disruption to your business as possible.

We look at End of Support as an opportunity to take a critical look at your systems and be forward-thinking. It’s an opportunity to be prudent with your business resources, finding new ways to increase business productivity and cost savings. When you’re ready to upgrade, give your SWICKtech Account Manager a call or contact the SWICKtech offices at 414-257-9266.

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