Don’t Be An April Fool, Backup Your Data!

SafetyNET Backup and Data Recovery Services


Don’t Be An April Fool, Backup Your Data!


Today is World Backup Day, the yearly reminder to check your backups!

Backup systems come in all shapes and sizes, but there is some universal advice that applies to everyone:


The 3-2-1 Backup Rule

• 3 – copies of your data.

• 2 – different types of storage media

• 1 – offsite storage location


3 Copies

This part of the rule simply means that your data should exist in three places. One of those places is generally the data’s “production” location — a file share, database, email server, etc. In most cases the other two locations are a local backup and an offsite backup.


2 Types of Media

“Media” refers to the type of hardware you store your data on — this could be hard drives, tapes, CDs, the cloud, etc. If your backups are in the same format as your production data, it becomes that much easier for a catastrophe to affect them both. The most common solution is to either use the cloud (such as SWICKtech SafetyNET!) or tapes for the offsite component of a backup system.


1 Offsite Location

Put simply — get your critical data out of the building! This protects against situations such as theft, fire, water damage, lightning strikes, industrial accidents, tornados, and other acts of god.


SWICKtech Can Help

SWICKtech SafetyNET provides reliable, secure, and stable cloud backups for your company data. SWICKtech will ensure nightly backups succeed by utilizing automated alerts and daily checks to assure the integrity of your data. Every night your data will be backed up to SWICKtech’s Managed Private Cloud in downtown Milwaukee. All labor associated with managing, verifying, and (if necessary) restoring data is included in one monthly fee. Call us today!

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