Basic Anti-Virus and Email Filtering Aren’t Enough Protection from Malware, Ransomware

Protection From Ransomware

Basic Anti-Virus and Email Filtering Aren’t Enough Protection from malware, Ransomware

In today's world, with the rise of malicious cyberattacks coming in the form of malware and ransomware, keeping your data protected is an increasingly difficult task.

Antivirus and Email Filtering aren’t enough by themselves to keep you protected.

For nearly 30 years antivirus software has been keeping consumer-level computers safe by searching for, detecting, and removing software viruses. Antivirus software is a critical first-level of defense – a computer without protection will be infected within minutes of connecting to the internet. Estimates are that more than 60,000 pieces of malware are created daily.

Email filtering is also a key component to keeping your network safe. It’s more than just filtering out annoying spam messages from your inbox, these emails can cause major issues. Not only can spam messages clog your organization’s network but it also often contains links to malware ransomware, and other threats that can bring down your entire network.

3 ways you can take security to the next level

  1. Use strong and unique passwords
    1. An alarming number of your employees probably don’t think much about passwords. Many of them often use the same password for most, if not all, of their personal accounts and profiles on the internet. If employees are using the same passwords to connect to applications and critical infrastructure at your organization, you could be in danger. Educate your employees and encourage them to use unique passwords across business applications.
  2. Implement a Password Vault
    1. A useful way to get your employees to use and create strong/unique passwords is to protect and store them in a password vault. SWICKtech can get you set up with a password vault for all of your staff today!
  3. Protect your data with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
    1. MFA is a security solution that confirms a user’s identity by requiring at least two forms of authentication. The most common is utilizing something you know (a password) and something you have (a smartphone). Rather than just asking for a password, a user might have to provide an additional key from an application, fingerprint, or facial recognition before access is granted.

Employ IT cyber-security professionals to help you stay on top of threats and trends for your business or municipality.

SWICKtech’s Milwaukee Cybersecurity Solutions Team is dedicated to locking down your information and critical data with cutting-edge security tools and tactics. We utilize not only MFA and a password vault, but next-level security practices like Geo-Fencing and Data Loss Prevention. 

Keep your money and data safe!

SWICKtech is your next step in providing protection from ransomware and cyberattacks.

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