Azure Site Recovery Protects Your Business From Disasters

By Ryan Klund - Business Development Associate

Imagine a fiber line is cut down during road construction or there’s a power surge near your business and unexpectedly Impacts your day-to-day operations.

This unexpected disaster causes damage to the building and compromises the servers that house invoices, your CRM and software to keep the production line running. Everything eventually is back online and you’re lucky you have backups of the data, but you can’t start producing or shipping again for another 48 hours while you’re restoring your data.

Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is a cloud-based software built to keep a business or organization running during an outage or failure. In the case of a disaster, a secondary site automatically takes over when the main system fails. Once the coast is clear, your primary site takes back over. ASR can be incredibly valuable keeping a business in the black after disaster strikes.

Azure Site Recovery is a great option for businesses with data too valuable to lose for even a short amount of time:

  1. ASR is cost-effective

    • Compared to companies that have private clouds and charge to have servers standing by in the case of an emergency, Azure only charges when they’re running your workloads from a secondary site.

    • As a global provider of cloud services, Microsoft Azure is able to drive down prices and are almost always less expensive than local vendors.
  2. ASR makes testing easy

    • One of the best ways to ensure you’re safe in the case of a disaster is by testing your Disaster Recovery system regularly. ASR offers the ability to test your recovery plan without impacting operations or compliance.
  3. ASR is easy to deploy

    • Improvements have been made by Microsoft to remove many of the complexities associated with implementing Disaster Recovery plans. Many times a solution can take just 30 minutes to implement. Microsoft also provides thorough documentation for deploying ASR in your environment.

One of the keys to seamless integration of ASR to a business environment is doing it with a professional team who’ve done it many times before. SWICKtech is a Microsoft Azure partner agency with many years of experience. Contact us to get a free quote for installing ASR in your environment.

SWICKtech will help you help you further understand the benefits of Azure Site Recovery for your organization with a no-strings-attached IT Evaluation.  Contact us today to request your IT evaluation. 

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