3 Reasons Microsoft Azure Is More Secure Than On-Premise Servers

By Ryan Klund - Business Development Associate, SWICKtech

Cloud server solutions are taking the place of on-premise servers all over the world becoming the preferred choice for many organizations, however, there are some that choose on-premise, traditional server solutions citing security.

The public cloud, on the contrary, is more secure for a lower price than on-premise solutions – and the data backs it up (no pun intended). “Through 2020, public cloud IaaS workloads will suffer at least 60% fewer security incidents than those in traditional data centers,” according to Gantner.

Here are 3 reasons Microsoft Azure is safer than traditional server environments

Technical expertise

  • Microsoft has more than 3,500 cybersecurity experts working around the clock to protect Azure. They even have Red and Blue Team exercises, where Red Team tries to compromise Azure’s infrastructure and Blue Team protects it.
  • Let’s be honest, IT teams at small and medium-sized businesses cannot provide the same level of expertise in cybersecurity that Microsoft can. Microsoft has made it their mission to stay ahead of cyber-attacks and protect Azure from outside threats.

Azure is less vulnerable to risks

  • For many businesses that haven’t fully considered the possibilities, keeping data on-site seems like a safer option. However, apart from the risk of a cyberattack, physical servers take on risks like damage, natural disasters or water and fire damage, and theft.
  • Some businesses don’t consider other risks like damage from threats within your organization – like disgruntled employees or threat actors in close proximity. Azure creates further separation from humans and human error by providing top-notch defenses for physical server environments.

New Technology

  • This is where another benefit of Microsoft Azure and Security collide. Because Microsoft Azure is continually updating their physical equipment, you – as a consumer, don’t have to worry about having the most up-to-date server equipment, nor do you have to plan and budget for the large capital expenses to stay current.
  • Security breaches are often due to outdated equipment and patching, which you don’t have to worry about with Azure, so that’s nice.


Microsoft Azure and other cloud solutions are offering safe alternatives to on-premise server environments. If you have any questions, whether you’re an experienced cloud user or new to cloud computing, here at SWICKtech – we’re here to help.

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