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Public sector, healthcare and financial organizations are a top target for cyber criminals attempting to disrupt government or gain access to critical information. SWICKtech’s team of Government IT Compliance and Cybersecurity Consultants will build you an environment where compliance standards and regulations are met and exceeded.

Whether your organization is in the government, healthcare or financial industry– we can design a strategy to address gaps in your security model to keep data safe. 

SWICKtech is an Authorized and Certified Microsoft Azure Government Cloud Service Provider and can implement proactive security measures that include everything from firewalls and antivirus software on user machines to multi-factor authentication and elite security features such as geo-fencing and package management systems to lock down your most protected files and guarantee its safety.


Cybersecurity Maturity model certification (CMMC)

SWICKtech provides risk assessment and IT compliance solutions to help regulated businesses deploy effective controls for mitigation. The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program serves as a method of verifying appropriate levels of cybersecurity controls. These controls must meet the specific standards in place to protect controlled, unclassified information (CUI), and Federal Contract Information (FCI), that may be held on the DoD’s industry partners' networks.

In November 2021, the CMMC Accredidation Body (CMMC-AB) announced CMMC 2.0, which has an updated program structure and requirements. The key changes from CMMC 1.0 to 2.0 are a more streamlined model, more reliable asessments, and a more flexible implementation. Until the rulemaking process is complete, the DoD will not approve inclusion of a CMMC requirement in any DoD solicitation. An updated timeline on this process has not yet been released.

Our team of senior industry experts are early adopters of the CMMC program, closely following its development and rollout from day one. SWICKtech is currently working towards becoming CMMC 2.0 Level 2 certified, is a Registered Provider Organization (RPO), and has 2 of its own Registered Practitioners (RP) designated by the CMMC-AB.

Please reach out to our technical team to receive assistance in understanding where your business registers within the CMMC levels. We work side-by-side with you to ensure you're prepared for the CMMC audit.

Cmmc vs dfars vs nist 800-171

It's hard to research one term without needing to research the others. However, CMMC, DFARS, and NIST are not to be used interchangeably. 

  • In short, NIST develops information security standards and guidelines that are often pointed to as a minimum of best cybersecurity practices, but are not the regulatory agency.
  • DFARS simply defines these requirements, and references NIST 800-171.
  • Finally, NIST is not involved in the design, development, or implementation of CMMC. Rather, CMMC utilizes the publically available security requirements outlined by NIST, and references them as an important cybersecurity standard.




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Beginning in 2025, all defense contractors will need to be assessed against the 5-tiered cybersecurity standard known as the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). CMMC is a complex topic that cannot be summarized in a single blog post. So, what fundamentals does your organization need to know in order to stay or become compliant?

Microsoft Azure Government Cloud Migration

US Military Supplier Migrates to Government Cloud with SWICKtech’s Help, Meets Government Compliance Measures.

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