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Frequently Asked

Managed Services Frequently Asked Questions

Our IT Consultants will answer all commonly asked questions related to our Managed Services throughout Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. 

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 What are your standard hours of operation? Are you available on weekends and holidays?

Our Support Services department is here to serve you from 6am – 10pm Weekdays.  On weekends & holidays, we also monitor your business’ systems and check for your voicemails.  

 How can I submit a request to the Help Desk?

If you have an urgent issue, calling our helpdesk is the best option. You may also submit requests via email, our website, or right from your workstation through our software. We can set you up with access to our ticketing system for those who’d like to view and submit tickets this way! We strive to make requests to our help desk as easy as possible.

 What is your Onboarding Process for new SWICKtech Monthly Agreement clients?

Our extensive onboarding process starts with an internal kickoff meeting so our technicians, client advocate and sales team reviews the client’s needs prior to our initial onsite meeting with the client. From there, we gather documentation, add our software to the machines and really develop a relationship with the client. We then hold onsite 30- 60- and 90- day meetings to be sure we’re all communicating, setting proper expectations and meeting the client’s needs. When onboarding is complete, the client is familiar with our helpdesk and our technicians are prepared to support our clients as best possible.

 What is your Service Level Agreement? When can I expect to hear from someone regarding a request I submitted?

When a request is submitted, our help desk support will respond to you within four hours to communicate next steps to resolve the issue. For urgent issues, we have a one hour response time, however, we usually respond within 15 minutes.

 Will I be working with the same Technician with every request?

Our extensive documentation allows anyone in our help desk IT support to be able to assist with what you need. That being said, every contracted client has a high context team – a team of technicians and IT Consultants that have become familiar with your environment and developed a relationship with your company. If a high context team member is available, we will do our best to have them tackle the request first.  

 What are your Core Values? What is your company Culture like?

Our core values are to develop relationships, be open and honest, be passionate in whatever you do, and have fun every day. Our employees have the freedom to learn while solving a variety of challenges and to do the job right the first time. Our true passion is fostering relationships between businesses and technology. 

 My computer is running very slow, Please help!

The basic troubleshooting steps involve reviewing the system performance to verify what is running on the computer and causing the issue in your workflow.  From there, SWICKtech Technical Analysts will be able to dive deeper into pinpointing the exact issue.

 Why am I receiving so many Spam emails?

Probably because you’re not using our amazing spam filtering solution as part of our multi-layered IT Network security approach!  If a client is receiving spam that is making it to their inbox and they have our Email X-Ray solution implemented, it could be the same IP address is sending them numerous emails and we generally have to blacklist the sender IP.

 Could you please help setup email on my phone?

While there is a variety of phones, yes!  The same information is usually entered such as their username, domain name, server address, etc. 

 Is it safe to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10?

Yes! We recommend testing on a few of your machines to ensure compatibility with drivers, line of business applications, etc. .  Most upgrades take about an hour or less to complete.

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