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In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity is not just a responsibility for your IT department—it begins and ends with each individual within your organization. With the increasing prevalence of crypto and ransomware attacks targeting US businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and municipalities, the need for robust security measures has never been more critical. These attacks thrive where security is weak, and the potential for monetary gain is high. To safeguard your organization against these threats, it’s imperative to build multiple layers of defense to protect your valuable data.

SWICKtech’s Milwaukee Cybersecurity

SWICKtech’s Milwaukee Cybersecurity Consultants bring a comprehensive, multi-tiered security approach to the table. Our tailored solutions are designed to address weaknesses in your organization’s security systems, fortify your defenses, and stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

Discover our Two-Tiered cybersecurity approach:

Business Standard vs. Business Critical

Key Benefits Comparison

Cybersecurity Business Standard +

IT Business Standard

Pick this solution if you are looking for:


  • Modern Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity Insurance Compliance
  • Popular for small to mid-market companies and companies doing M&A needing standardized and consistent support and project consulting
  • Most similar to SWICKtech’s FSA Agreement


  • Modern cybersecurity with NextGen EDR + Antivirus Proactive + Live Security
  • MFA for M365 and MFA for VPN
  • External Vulnerability Scanning
  • Firewall + Switch + Wireless + Servers + PC Firmware Critical Security Updates
  • No Password Management
  • Proactive Phishing Awareness Campaigns


  • Some Help Desk Support: Up to 25 hours mo/100 seats
  • 1:4:8 Hours SLA Priority Requests
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Project Consulting as needed
  • All On-Sites are ad-hoc
  • Access to SWICKtech SOC + 3rd Party SOC + Microsoft Direct Response SLA

Cybersecurity High Security +

IT Critical

Pick this solution if you are looking for:


  • Highest Cybersecurity for FINRA, CMMC, NIST-800-53, NIST-800-171, NIST CSF, ITAR and other compliance needs
  • Popular for companies that require compliance or dedicated Account Management & vCIO services
  • Newest Cybersecurity Agreement Options


  • Highest cybersecurity with SIEM implementation + Application Whitelisting and proof for compliance
  • MFA for M365, MFA for VPN and MFA for Endpoints
  • External + Internal Vulnerability Scanning
  • Expedited Critical Security Updates
  • Password Management
  • Assistance in Writing Technical Policy


  • Unlimited Help Desk Support
  • 1:2:4 Hours SLA Priority Requests
  • vCIO Strategic Planning Services
  • Dedicated Account Manager with bi-weekly calls + Dedicated Technical Lead
  • Up to 10 On-Site hours included
  • Access to SWICKtech SOC + 3rd Party SOC + Prioritized Microsoft Direct Response SLA

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