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Cybersecurity begins and ends with each individual within your organization.

Each day we hear about more crypto and ransomware attacks targeted at US organizations. Small and medium sized businesses and municipalities are often most at-risk because security is low and monetary gain is high. To avoid falling victim to these attacks it is critical that you start putting up multiple walls to ensure your data is protected.

SWICKtech’s Milwaukee Cybersecurity consultants bring a multi-tiered security approach designed to protect against weaknesses in your organization’s security systems, set up new defenses, and stay ahead of evolving threats in the cybersecurity landscape.


Free Dark Web sCan 

Find out if your email address and passwords are for sale on the dark web. SWICKtech will complete a complimentary seach of the dark web and notify you if your credentials have been compromized. 


Five Level Cybersecurity Approach

Level 5 – Elite Security
  • Location-aware software or geo-fencing in place to restrict access to critical data outside of your physical location.
  • Intelligent security software, called a packaged management system, in place to prevent malicious files or software from being opened on user computers.
Level 4 – Proactive Security
  • Advanced Email signature and encryption methods in place to verify email authenticity.
  • Email authentication policies to ensure only authorized accounts can send on behalf of your domain.
Level 3 – Basic Security
  • Systems in place for verifying a user’s identity using multi-factor authentication. 
  • Requires multiple credentials before allowing access to sensitive data. 
  • Secure password management system in place to generate, store and retrieve unique passwords. Important data is encrypted and protected with encryption keys.
Level 2 – Entry Level Security
  • Anti-virus software in place to detect and remove software viruses from computers including worms, trojans and adware. 
  • Email filtering enabled to scan messages protecting against potentially dangerous spam, imposter and virus-laden emails.
Level 1 – No Security
  • Little to no active security in place to defend against harmful viruses and malicious attacks. 


Cybersecurity Offerings

Most clients prefer to partner with SWICKtech in a monthly agreement, providing ongoing cybersecurity protection across the IT sepectrum, However a la carte products are available for organizations who decide to go that route. Here are some of the Cybersecurity offerings that can be provided through SWICKtech.

Cybersecurity is a challenge that we all face together. Let us help you protect your environment from outside threats

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