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General Mail & Calendar Best Practices

Tired of blindly sifting through one of industry’s most widely accepted tools – Microsoft Outlook? In today’s day and age, understanding this key email platform is essential to a proficient work day. SWICKtech will showcase best practices for Outlook 2016 including, yet not limited to:

  • Folder structure recommendations
  • Contact list recommendations
  • Calendaring preferences, creation of rooms for calendars, calendar prefixes
  • Integration of Skype for Business for scheduling conference calls
  • Differences in online Outlook vs desktop Outlook vs mobile Outlook

Feel confident in your tools and revel in the efficiency gained by learning how to handle these effective standards!

Contact SWICKtech for pricing, 60-90 minute session, maximum 25 participants per session

End User Security Awareness

Securing your companies digital assets is more important now than it ever has been. 2016-17 has been a year of large data breaches, leaks, thefts, attacks, and hacks. The media coverage from all of these events has made non-IT people significantly more aware of IT security risks. Unfortunately, small and medium businesses face many of the same threats the Fortune 500 do -- with a lot less budget to combat them. Our training will focus on a few key aspects to get your business secure: 

  • High level overview of Security: The SWICKtech Way
  • Strong Foundations, Hardened Perimeter, Digital Asses & Intellectual Property
  • Threat Model: Common Threats
  • How do Employee Endpoints become infected?: Exploit Kits, Macros & Malicious Documents, Malicious Scripts, Infected Downloads
  • What to do / What not to do if you think you are infected
  • Best Practices in Password Security

SWICKtech is here to help. We have been securing computer systems and networks for small and medium businesses in southeastern Wisconsin for over a decade.

We want your business to leverage the experience we have gained managing the security for thousands of endpoints and hundreds of networks.

Contact SWICKtech for pricing, 60-90 minute session, maximum 25 participants per session


Contact our Training Experts to ensure your business stays on top of today's ever changing technology trends.


Think You Know What's In Office 365? Think Again. 

Whether you already have migrated to Microsoft Office 365 or are contemplating this critical business decision, SWICKtech will present to you:


  • Core functionality
  • The “Waffle”

Nuts & Bolts

  • Classic desktop view vs online view
  • Mobility on any platform
  • Migration process of email

Game Changers

  • Interoffice communication tools
  • Superior project management capabilities
  • Stunning visualizations of business data
  • Enhanced built in security features

We guarantee you will learn a new feature to enhance daily productivity, streamline project timelines, or provide additional insight into company data. 

Contact SWICKtech for pricing, 60-90 minute session, maximum 25 participants per session

Communication & Collaboration: Skype for Business, Teams, OneDrive & SharePoint

You hear these buzzwords often enough: streamline collaboration, inter-office communication, persistent group chat. What does this really mean? Imagine a world where you can message a fellow employee, then set up a quick conference call to discuss further, while simultaneously sharing the file / proposal being discussed to review or edit together inside the document? MIND BLOWN.

This training will highlight the following:

  • A day in the life of Office 365
  • Real life examples of document collaboration
  • Integration with Outlook and Team presence
  • How to share files both to coworkers and customers or vendors securely
  • File synchronization across all devices, ability to access from everywhere
  • Instant messaging, online meetings, conference calls

The second you understand how these tools interlink to assist in daily functionality of all departments throughout the business, you will want them!

Contact SWICKtech for pricing, 60-90 minute session, maximum 25 participants per session.

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