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Business IT Solutions for Data Backup and Recovery


When it comes to business backup solutions and data recovery, you should feel 100% confident your critical assets are fully protected should data loss or disaster strike. SWICKtech provides 3 business IT solutions for data backup and recovery that cover both on-site/off-site storage and cloud storage.

Microsoft Azure Backup


Microsoft Azure Backup provides business backup and recovery cloud solutions as well as on-site and off-site. It’s a simple and cost effective backup solution which requires minimal maintenance. For those who use business cloud storage, Microsoft Azure offers a better alternative to traditional tape backup, including shorter data recovery time, significant cost-savings and up to 99 years of data retention. 

MIcrosoft Azure Cloud Backup

Microsoft Azure covers critical applications, including:

  • SharePoint, Exchange and SQL Server
  • Files and Folders
  • Windows Servers and Clients
  • Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Virtual Machines

Microsoft Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery are offered in a seamless portal environment to ensure your data and applications are properly backed up and are able to be recovered in event of disaster when necessary. 

SWICKtech SafetyNET Business Backup


The SWICKtech SafetyNET is our cloud-based business backup solution. It’s a secure, reliable and stable business backup solution that updates nightly to SWICKtech’s Managed Private Cloud. Nightly computing backups are confirmed via automated alerts and scheduled daily checks. 

Backup your Business Data

Some of the benefits of the SWICKtech SafetyNET include:

  • Reduced Backup Time & Complexity
  • Reduced Number of Software Packages Needed
  • Reduced Overhead Cost of Managing & Verifying Nightly Backups to Physical Media
  • Eliminates Physical Media Hardware Costs
  • Increased Backup Reliability (Data Stored on Storage Array vs. External Hard Drive)

With the SWICKtech SafetyNET, all labor associated with managing, verifying and/or restoring backup data is included in 1 convenient and cost-effective monthly fee.

For more details view our SWICKtech SafetyNET PDF. 

SWICKtech SafetyNET Disaster Recovery


Should your physical hardware fail, SWICKtech SafetyNET Disaster Recovery will restore your server infrastructure to the SWICKtech Managed Private Cloud. Then, our engineers will configure remote access for your business to retrieve critical information on the recovery cloud while replacement hardware is being ordered and prepared.

Disaster Recovery for your Critical Business DataSWICKtech also offers data recovery consulting for disaster recovery backup, where we work with your internal team to devise a strategy and action plan should data loss or disaster strike.

With SWICKtech SafetyNET Disaster Recovery your data is secure and accessible, so when disaster strikes your business can continue to operate without losing downtime!

SWICKtech Case Study

Data Migration to Managed Private Cloud


A local Automation company located in Sussex was facing a challenge with sharing files reliably and securely across their multiple sites. The IT Project Management Team of Engineers consulted through sales engineering to establish they had many several aging servers at the client’s headquarters. 

SWICKtech Case Study

Better Quality Backup, Less On-Premise


A global Yacht Manufacturing Company was housing outdated IT virtual and server infrastructure, which posed significant risk to global operations. Multiple single points of failure were present in the compute, storage, and network layers causing extended production delay if a failure were to occur.


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