Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Flexibility and Privacy

Hybrid cloud solutions provide businesses with a flexible environment that utilizes private and third-party cloud services.

Workloads move between the private and public interfaces depending on the task in progress. This allows for processes that require enhanced security, such as employee or client personal data, to be processed on a private network, while less critical resources, such as development workspaces, can be accessed on a public network.

Benefits of a hybrid cloud solution include: Business IT Cloud Solution

  • Enterprise-grade Security and Performance
  • Consistency Across Business Cloud Storage Spaces
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Increased Efficiency
  • On-Site Storage and Business Cloud Storage
  • Storage, Backup and Data Recovery Options

In a hybrid cloud instance, the business still maintains a private cloud that is either hosted on-premise or through a private cloud provider, while  utilizes a public cloud platform, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud, or the Google Cloud Business Platform. Each of these public cloud platforms have different capabilities that may make them more appropriate for one business over another.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

AWS Cloud Services

The AWS Cloud Services Platform has been the major player in hybrid cloud services for more than ten years. It is an enterprise-ready provider, with an increasing number of capabilities for businesses that need to manage a large number of users and resources. Because of this, it has an extensive number of offerings, integrations, and support for large organizations to utilize.

This large amount of options can be overwhelming to some users. Additionally, if it is not set up correctly, AWS can be difficult to use. Those new to hybrid cloud solutions should utilize an industry expert to properly integrate existing systems into an AWS cloud services environment.

Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud

The strength of the Microsoft hybrid cloud comes from its ability to integrate with existing Microsoft software, such as Windows Server, Office, Sharepoint, and more. Users familiar with this software often find the transition to the Azure hybrid cloud easier, as the interface is similar.

The Microsoft hybrid cloud also allows businesses to reduce costs by utilizing Microsoft’s various services, such as mobility, storage, backup, and disaster recovery. 

Google Cloud Business Platform

The Google Cloud Business platform, though not as popular as AWS Cloud Services or the Azure hybrid cloud, offers additional benefits for businesses. Of the three, the Google Cloud Business Platform’s strengths lie in its machine learning and load balancing capabilities. It is often available at a lower cost than the other two platforms, though it does offer fewer features, services, and data centers than its competitors. It is best for businesses that do not require a robust hybrid cloud solution.

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