IT Network Security for Business Milwaukee

Multi-layered Security Approach

Proactively Prevent against Data Loss or Infection

Ensure Data Security


Peace of mind with Multi-layered Security Services 

Changing Landscape of Cyber Security for your Network


Antivirus and Firewalls alone are not enough in this day and age to tackle impending threats to vital company data and business function. Once spyware or viruses attack your workstation or server, potential risk of company financials, critical client information and email communication are all in danger.

SWICKtech engineers and IT consultants take a more proactive approach to your business’s IT network security. With our customized SWICKtech security package consistently monitoring employee’s workstations for threats paired with spam prevention and regular patching updates, your Southeastern Wisconsin or Northern Illinois business can rest easy. 

For more details view our Network Security PDF. 

Multi-Layered Security: Lock It Down Seminar


PROTECTION STRATEGIESIT Network Security for Business Milwaukee WIsconsin

Controls in IT

  • Traditional Role-based Security
  • Modern Multi-layered Security
  • Modern Digital Rights Management

Controls in Accounting and Elsewhere

  • Cross-check Invoices Before Payment
  • Cross-check Every Payment, Everywhere

Other Strategies

  • Employee Training
  • Documented Controls with Accountability
  • Leverage Technology

Microsoft’s People-Centric Security for IT Networks

With Office 365 software at your business, Microsoft takes security and compliance to the next level. Microsoft security measures in place allow more control over your data with built-in privacy, transparency, and refined user controls.

Microsoft Office 365 paired with SWICKtech’s IT network security services, your organization can be rest assured malicious links or unsafe attachments will not make their way into any inbox. Sensitive information will get to the right place and the right people.


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Communication is the gateway to success, yet so many information technology professionals are faced with challenges when explaining terminology, concepts and procedures to their non-IT colleagues. Much of the time, this is because the IT industry can change fairly quickly—and sometimes it’s hard to keep up.

But when it comes to network security, it’s important to understand some basic concepts so you can keep your systems locked down and your business protected. One of the big ones? Understanding firewall security. Here’s your guide to understanding firewall security—in plain English.

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3 Big-Time IT Security Threats to your Business


Cybercrime is more advanced than ever before. It seems more and more frequent that we hear of a company that just suffered crippling data compromise, which can result in a severely damaged reputation. Using cutting-edge technology, criminals continue to collaborate and share knowledge so as to more successfully infiltrate networks.

So how do we as a business community stay ahead of cybercriminals? Well, in this case, knowledge is key. We’re here to help you understand a few things you might not know regarding network and data security. In fact, this newest breed of security threats to your business may take you by surprise, which is why they are successfully infiltrating networks.


Data and network security should be a priority for all organizations. Learn how SWICKtech engineers can help keep you safe. 






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