Microsoft Office 365 Case Study: Staying Open in Frigid Temperatures

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Microsoft Office 365 Case Study: Staying Open In Frigid Temperatures


The Problem: 

Winters in Wisconsin are cold, but businesses rarely have to close as a result. However, that's what happened to SWICKtech when the temperature dropped to -21 degrees with -50 degree wind chills. 

At SWICKtech, we closed our physical location to keep our employees safe. However, we recognize IT support and security is 24/7. We wanted our customers to receive the same level of service and responsiveness they've come to expect from our team, regardless of the temperature outside. 

The Solution: How We Did It

We used our cloud-based CRM to share company files, keeping our business up and running and our customers happy. This CRM is stored off-site, on our Managed Private Cloud. Our Managed Private Cloud keeps everything running thanks to 1G internet speed and redundant FortiGate Firewalls for multiple security layers. 

In addition to its virtual protection, we also keep our server safe with extra security. Our server is kept in a building with 24/7 security, including a gated parking lot requiring a key to enter and personnel onsite 24/7. Once inside the building, there are also biometric protections that ensure unauthorized peronnel connot access the servers. 

We were able to collaborate and communicate using Office 365, including Outlook, and Microsoft Teams. Teams allowed us to to communicate together, sharing advisories, team chats and one-on-one messages. 

We also use Teams as our primary voice and phone service. Because Microsoft Teams is our primary voice and phone service, we were able to keep our Help Desk open and field client calls without interuption, just as if we were in the office. This allowed us to continue to provide the level of service our clients have come to expect.

The Result:

Everyone Stayed Warm and Safe and Got Their Work Done. In fact, the primary driver of calls during the "polar vortex" came from other businesses needing assistance with VPN so they, too could work from home. If we actually had to close our office, calls like these would have gone unanswered. At SWICKtech, we truly believe your customers are our customers and we leverage technology heavily to ensure your success! 


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