3 Crazy Big-Time IT Security Threats to Your Business

IT security Threats for your business


3 Crazy Big-Time IT Security Threats to Your Business


Cybercrime is more advanced than ever before. It seems more and more frequent that we hear of a company that just suffered crippling data compromise, which can result in a severely damaged reputation. Using cutting-edge technology, criminals continue to collaborate and share knowledge so as to more successfully infiltrate networks.


So how do we as a business community stay ahead of cybercriminals? Well, in this case, knowledge is key. We’re here to help you understand a few things you might not know regarding network and data security. In fact, this newest breed of security threats to your business may take you by surprise, which is why they are successfully infiltrating networks.

Here are three unexpected IT vulnerabilities in your business:

1. Third Party Providers

Perhaps you’ve taken all the precautions a company should. You have an excellent security network—proactive monitoring, data backup and recovery plans, updated technology and a security team working around the clock making sure your network is airtight. When cybercriminals come up against a security program such as this, they often avoid it for easier targets—which unfortunately, might be in your supply chain.


For example, the high profile data breach that cost Target $162 million occurred due to a third-party web services weakness of their HVAC company. Sharing your customer data with your supply chain can sometime increase overall efficiency of your organization, but it also comes with risks. If cybercriminals are able to break into a network along your supply chain, then they may access any data you’ve shared with them.

2. BYOx

Many companies are allowing their employees to bring their own technology and devices (BYOx, BYOD, etc.) to work for a variety of reasons. The “bring your own everything” trend (often called “BYOx”) can increase efficiency, save money and improve employee job satisfaction, it’s also a double-edged sword. It introduces the potential for internal data compromise.


With cloud communication across devices and applications accessing personal profiles to varying degrees, the need to ensure that security is enforced by every person using a BYOx device is more important than ever. When a security breach occurs due to BYOx, it is often accidental. An unprotected device can be easily broken into, and once inside, criminals can access anything in a secure network that the device can.

3. POS Devices

The majority of point of sale devices in use today are often built from 20th century technology, and even those with more modern systems have weak security builds. This gives cybercriminals using 21st century technology an advantage. They are targeting POS systems, especially those used among small business, because the outdated technology used to build POS machines creates an easily exploitable vulnerability. Breaching POS systems is the easiest method for collecting data and committing payment card fraud.

Upgrading Security

These threats are becoming more common, so to protect your company’s data, you have to understand where your system is vulnerable. Equipped with this knowledge, you can take preventative measures to protect your network. Ask questions about the security profiles of your supply chain network. If you’re considering a BYOx policy, develop strong policies to protect your company and your employees’ personal data. If you do not already have a strategic IT management plan, maybe it’s time to consider ways to improve your network security.

Either way, keeping up on trends within cybercrime will keep you a step ahead of potential threats. Knowing where your vulnerabilities are is the first step to stopping these criminals dead in their tracks.

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