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Leading Business Podcast - Season 3, Episode 2. Shane and Eric chat about how National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) announcements from late November of 2020 will have an impact on businesses around the world in the next few years.

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Emerging Tech in Healthcare

Season 3, Episode 1 - This week Shane and Eric chat with Chris Rogers, the Head of Research for Mpirik. Mpirik is a cloud-based Cardiac Intelligence™ platform that automatically screens patient results from diagnostic tests and connects the patient to the appropriate next level of care.

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Business Intelligence - Intro to Power BI

If you're curious about Business Intelligence software and would like to learn more, this is a great intro with more details on how to learn more and dive deeper!

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What is Technical Debt - and How to Avoid It

Technical debt is a concept in software development that reflects the implied cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy solution now instead of using a better approach that would take longer. On this week's Leading Business Podcast, Shane and Eric talk about what technical debt is and how businesses can plan for the future while taking on minimal technical debt by spending the necessary time to create a strategic plan for various technical decisions.

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The Rise of Cloud Voice Solutions

If you've ever considered migrating your traditional phone system to the cloud, or you're a startup looking for a scalable solution this is a great episode to cover some of the basics around cloud voice solutions and some reasons it is worth considering. Shane and Eric discuss tradition voice solutions, VoIP, and Cloud voice solutions and why businesses of all sizes might want to consider a migration.

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Why you should care about Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Did you know October is Cyber Security Awareness month? This week on the SWICKtech Leading Business podcast, Shane Kroening and Eric Clark from SWICKtech talk about what Cybersecurity Awareness month is, the schedule for the month, how to help raise awareness, and some practical ways to protect yourself and your business online.

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Identity Management and Security

On this week's podcast, Shane and Eric talk with Patrick Timm, Senior Customer Success Manager at Okta to learn more about their products, services and success around cyber security and identity management for businesses and their customers.

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Building Milwaukee's Tech Community

This week on the SWICKtech Leading Business Podcast, Joe Poeschl with The Commons joins Shane and Eric to discuss how they're helping to build a vibrant and boundless tech community throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

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Mac vs PC - The Great Debate

SWICKtech Leading Business Podcast - Season 2, Episode 10, Shane and Eric talk about some of the differences and nuances between Mac's and PC's along with some of the cybersecurity concerns of each. Learn more about how to improve your cybersecurity posture whether you are using a Mac or a PC in your business.

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How these Cybersecurity Breaches Happened

On this week's Leading Business podcasts, Shane Kroening and Eric Clark reverse engineer cyber attacks reported in the news. They attempt to determine what could have cybersecurity measures could have possibly prevented a cyber attack.

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Pivot for Industry Disruption

On this week's Leading Business Podcast, Shane and Eric discuss how technology is the fabric behind disruption across multiple industries. Shane and Eric reference some larger brands such as Tesla, Netflix, and a few others that have been leading the charge in their industries and what businesses can learn from what they've done to come as category leaders.

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Threat hunting and staying protected in an evolving cybersecurity landscape

On this week's Leading Business Podcast, Shane Kroening and Eric Clark interview guest, Joel Bork a Senior Threat Hunter with IronNet in Season 2, Episode 7. They learn more about Joel, IronNet and the quickly evolving cyber-security landscape. Learn more about Maze Ransomware and double extortion ransomware attacks along with how businesses can improve their cyber-security posture.

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How we use our Cybersecurity tools

Shane Kroening and Eric Clark discuss some of the market trends being reported about cybersecurity insurance. From there, they dive into some specific software tools and best practices to improve your cybersecurity posture on this week's Leading Business Podcast

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Why Technology Is Critical To Work From Anywhere

SWICKtech Leading Business Podcast - Season 2, Episode 5. Client Success Associates Eric Clark and Shane Kroening explain why technology is a critical fabric in business no matter where employees are working.

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Data and Business Emergence from COVID-19

Charles Johnson, Acutary with Northwestern Mutual, shares his views about data behind the COVID-19 pandemic, business emergence and Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers' Badger Bouce Back Plan in this week's Leading Business Podcast.

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Bright Spots of COVID-19

On this week's Leading Business Podcast, Shane and Eric take some inspiration from John Krasinski's new home produced YouTube show, Some Good News. They highlight what SWICKtech and other businesses are doing to promote positivity amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, both locally and nationally.

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Working Remotely, Challenges and New Routines

SWICKtech Client Success Associates; Eric Clark and Shane Kroening talk through challenges in working remotely with and without The Cloud, custom solutions for SWICKtech clients during this time, uncertainty in the local economy and dog sledding.

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COVID-19, The New Reality- Interview with Todd McLees

This week's Leading Business Podcast on the COVID-19 epidemic and the future of working in a remote reality.

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Buying and Selling Businesses - Interview with Jim Gaulke

This week's Leading Business Podcast on Buying and Selling Businesses, Interview with Jim Gaulke

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Buying and Selling Businesses, what you need to know

Todd McLees Interview: The Age of Disruption

Todd McLees interview on the age of disruption

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Get a preview of what Todd McLees will speak about at the Future Tech Summit

Alex Banayan Interview

Alex Banayan Interview

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Learn how Alex Banayan interviewed some of the greatest minds of our time!

Data Lakes

Data lakes are a central data repository that can be organized into any number of layers

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Learn more about data lakes

Addressing the IT Skills Gap

As many businesses struggle to fill IT positions, it is important to consider all options, from an in-house expert to a managed service provider. During this podcast, our experts will tell you what to look for when hiring an IT professional. 

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Electronic Data Interchange & IT

EDI allows organizations to transition to a computer-based communication process, saving time and valuable resources for businesses. But, implementing it can be challenging. In this podcast, learn about implementing EDI in your organization from the industry experts.

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How Ideas Are Born

Sometimes, to get closer to your customer it makes sense to take a product design approach.

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Podcast Sessions Leadership in Technology

Leadership in Technology has ability to propel an organization forward in a positive way

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Podcast Sessions Business Leadership in Technology

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