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10 Things You Didn’t Know an Off-Site IT Team Can Do For Your Business

There are plenty of reasons a company might consider outsourcing IT. Small- to mid-size businesses experiencing growth often need IT services, but can’t afford their own in-house department. Then there’s the company with an in-house IT department that can’t seem to get things under control. More and more companies are turning to off-site IT services to manage their technology needs.


5 Keys to IT Stability That Ensure “Business as Usual”

Imagine an entire week at work where everything operates smoothly. Your employees are all relaxed and working hard, services and orders are quickly and efficiently processed, and there’s not a whisper of a problem from your technology systems. Imagine a whole week—even a whole month—without a stressful work environment. Wouldn’t that be great?


IT Managed Service and Support For Your Business

6 Reasons an IT Managed Services Provider is Your Ticket to Network Security

For those companies unable to afford an internal IT department or for those who simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of maintaining a high quality IT team, IT managed services providers offer an alternative to going it alone. When choosing between in-house IT, managed IT services, or going with a lone IT guy, think about what your company needs for reliable, locked down network security.


6 Signs You're A Slave to Your Server

When to know it's time for Server infrastructure improvements for your business.


IT Managed Support and Technical Expertise for your Business

9 Questions to Ask Your IT Team Today

Good leaders understand the importance of delegation. Great leaders get feedback from their delegates and incorporate it into action. So, chances are you’ve hired your IT department to handle your technology because their expertise outweighs yours by a fair margin.


Technology Strategic Planning for your Wisconsin or Illinois Business

Building Out Your 2016 IT Strategic Plan

Outlining an IT strategic plan is one thing. Effective implementation is another. There are plenty of ways to get your IT strategy off the ground. Hiring an outside IT consulting firm can be a cost-effective approach. One of the best ways to save money is to invest in technology when there’s a window of opportunity—and Q4 is a great time for opportunity!



Common Microsoft 365 Migration Issues

Although migrating to Office 365 is increasingly popular, many organizations still have concerns about making the change. Review some of the most common O365 migration issues and their solutions.


Multi-Layered Network Security for Businesses

David Beat Goliath: Why Every Business Needs Multi-Layered IT Security Now

Technology is so integrated into everything we do (especially in the business world) that we’ve come to depend on it for almost everything—but with this digital revolution comes a fair share of dangers. Whether large or small, your company’s systems and data are more vulnerable to digital crime than you might think.


Declare your Independence from IT Instability

Computer technology is about as close to magic as we’re going to get these days. It has revolutionized every aspect of our culture, from business technology to social communications. It’s changed the way we work, play and even the way we think.


Increase performance and productivity with Windows 10

End of Service for Windows 7 Ahead

Windows 7 systems will no longer have security updates


Microsoft Azure provides industry leading security and privacy

End of Service for Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008

Improved reporting will greatly benefit accounting, operations and sales departments.


Firewall Best Practices

Your network firewall is the gatekeeper and a key layer of defense for your overall network security strategy. This layer must be managed, maintained and monitored to insure its optimal performance. This article will go over a few fundamental best practices that will help insure that your network firewall stays stable, secure and protects your network from malicious attacks.


Firewall Security for your Business

Firewall Security in Plain English: A Clear-Cut Guide to Firewall Security

Simply put, you need a strong firewall. Viruses, spyware, phishing emails, Trojan horses, worms, malware, bot armies, ransomware, scareware, hackers and cybercriminals…yeah, there’s all kinds of dangers lurking out there. You’ll hear these top network security terms used nearly interchangeably—and while they’re not all the same, the reason for this is because every one of these threats attempts to do essentially the same thing: steal sensitive data for criminal activity.


Four Reasons to Use Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, an industry leader in cloud solutions is a great fit for companies who haven’t yet tested the waters – or seen the benefits - of cloud computing.


Get Fired Up! …with a Solid Firewall

Your firewall protects the sensitive data stored on your company’s internal network from all of those harmful viruses, malware, hackers and other threats out there beyond that wall of protection—threats that are active every day, looming and ready to destroy your business.


IT Infrastructure and network system support

How Your IT System is Like the Human Body

Both your body and your IT systems are made up of multiple layers of defense. These layers consist of many varied tools, system monitoring devices and recovery strategies. There are elements that focus on detection and identification, others that learn about new threats and evolve to destroy them, while others fight the problem head-on or work to repair the damage caused.


EDI for Manufacturers Graphic

How Your Organization Can Benefit from Manufacturing EDI

Manufacturers can benefit from implementing EDI, improving accuracy and efficiency, while saving money and time. Learn more about EDI for manufacturers.


Importance of Electronic Communication in Business

Improve your business communication. Moving from paper to electronic communications can actually help your business connect easier while saving time and money.


Network and Data Protection for Your Business IT Environment - SWICKtech

Is Your IT Environment In Your Comfort Zone?

From system security and disaster recovery to everyday efficiency and reliability, are you confident your IT environment is working, balanced and harmonious? If you’re feeling uncomfortable, it’s time to get back to your IT comfort zone—and that means getting back to consistently reliable IT stability.


New Technology for business owners and businesses

IT Advice CEOs Should Never Ignore

Working with your IT professionals here is very important; you’ll both need to do your research and be open to alternative solutions to determine how your day-to-day business processes will be affected by technology changes.



IT and Employee Productivity

For many organizations, employee productivity has been decreasing for years. However, partnering with the right IT team can reverse the trend while increasing employee productivity and your bottom line. Learn more about these solutions.


manufacturing industry technology growth and ERP implementation projects

Leveraging Technology to Accelerate Growth in Manufacturing Industry

SWICKtech IT Consultants and Engineers connect people, processes and Line of Business applications to automate and streamline business workflows which would otherwise be time-consuming, error-ridden, and non-compliant.


Microsoft Office 365 Case Study: Staying Open in Frigid Temperatures

Don't let the cold Wisconsin winter weather impact your day to day operations, leverage Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams to enable a mobile workforce


Network and System Security for Your Business

Last month’s article touched on several scenarios making a case for securing business networks. Today we will focus on what you can do as a business or technical decision maker to better secure and stabilize your business network and system security.


Network Security for your Milwaukee or Chicago Business

Proactive Network Security, Backup & Recovery, and More

When left unchecked, changes to your systems can turn into problems, both long and short term. Any complete IT solution should include constant, proactive monitoring of your entire network’s systems and operations. Proactive monitoring involves watching and documenting all incoming/outgoing data and activity so potential system threats like computer viruses, hacking attempts, and more can be caught before they result in catastrophic destruction.


IT Managed Support and IT Consulting for Wisconsin and Illinois

Selecting A Managed IT Solutions Provider

When consulting organizations to undertake the development of a network infrastructure, it’s imperative to inquire further about the degree of its team’s expertise and knowledge within the industry. Those with employees having only a basic understanding of IT support and maintenance may not be in accordance with your company’s needs.


Slow IT Got You Stuck in the Dog Days of Summer?

We all know the pain of slow IT: websites taking too long to load or timing out, your OS is out of date and makes everything a headache. Printers don’t want to print. Anti-virus scans take days to complete and you can’t run other programs while it scans your systems. Uploads/downloads never seem to finish. Frustration and irrational anger abound.


Strategic Planning How

For every company there are different ways to perform the ‘how’ of strategic planning. While I can’t speak for every industry, I can provide general guidelines as they relate to technology. We specialize in technology planning for many industries and these guidelines are universal across the different business segments.


IT Support and Project Management Consulting for Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin

SWICKtech 2016 New Website Launch

SWICKtech is rebranding ourselves with renewed focus on IT Project Consulting and Business Application Management. Our Engineers and Analysts have all the expertise needed to integrate those tools into your company.


BizTimes Print Publication of SWICKtech Future 50 Award Winner

SWICKtech Future 50 Winner Featured in BizTimes Media

Presented by MMAC's Council of Small Business Executives (COSBE), the Future 50 Award celebrates the success of fast-growing regional companies!


SwickTech Stability Cube

SwickTech Stability Cube is six key steps necessary for achieving stability in your business computer systems.


Technology Best Practice and Industry Standards – How

As you know, in manufacturing and business in general there are sets of recognized standards and procedures on how to effectively conduct business and operations. For example, if your company is creating a part that another company will use in their finished product, it’s even more important to get things right so the parts fit properly.



The Top IT Trends of 2017… So Far

Although the year isn't over, some of this year's biggest trends have already started to reveal themselves. Learn more about 2017's latest IT trends and how they'll impact your business.



Understanding Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Many businesses still rely on phone calls, emails, or fax to complete everyday transactions. EDI gives businesses the opportunity to share documents via computer-to-computer interactions in a standardized format. Learn how EDI can help your business.



WannaCrypt and Ransomware

WannaCrypt, a ransomware, impacted computers around the globe in May 2017, but it won't be the last major cyber attack. Learn how to keep your network protected from WannaCrypt and other viruses, maleware and ransomware.


Web Filtering for Business

Web Filtering Explained: How to Filter the Web without Affecting Employee Productivity

Protecting your company’s sensitive information from data loss or data compromise is paramount. Employees can (whether knowingly or unwittingly) expose your organization to viruses and malware just by surfing the web. Unfortunately, this leads to weak points in your network security—plus, your employees can become a liability to your company’s integrity, which in some cases, can lead to legal trouble.


What will downtime cost your business?

Do you ever stop to think of how much your business depends on computers? How about the costs that you would incur if your business computer network failed? Many businesses do not fully understand how dependent they are on their computer network, until they experience some type of network downtime. Depending on the type of industry your business is in, the cost of the network downtime will vary.


Why do my computer systems need monitoring?

Computer systems are vital to the operations of any sized company. While employees PC’s and printers are important, typically the main “nuts and bolts” of the computer system are the servers, storage systems, network equipment, backup system, etc. that sit behind the scenes.


Virus Protection for Network and Server Environments

Why Plain Ol’ Antivirus Isn’t Enough

With digital attacks looming all over the internet, how exactly can you be certain your antivirus protection is enough? Whether you have an internal IT department, an outsourced managed IT services provider, or you’re operating with only a paid (or even free) antivirus security suite, you must be certain your company’s data is protected.


Why you need Network Security

How much is your company’s data worth to you? What is the cost to your business if either of the following occurred?


Microsoft Windows 10 for your workstation

Windows 10 Security

Battling against cyber-threats is constant and requires frequently updating protection services. Windows 10 is the latest operating system to include features that directly address global cyber security compromises. In this blog, we explore how this system can directly apply to your business and preserve secure information.


Determine the advantages and disadvantages of a wireless-only office

Wireless-Only Office

Pros and Cons of a Wireless-Only Office


IT Stability for your business

Zen and the Art of IT Stability

IT problems and their solutions can be broken down into a few categories. All hardware, software, information management, security concerns, and recovery after a disaster situation fall under at least one of these categories. Your trusted IT management team understands these issues intimately and should have multiple solutions in place, should you experience any of these problems.


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