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Back up Data Securely for your Wisconsin or Illinois Business

10 Essential Steps to Protect your Data

There are various ways to calculate the cost of losing work stored on computers.  Perhaps the easiest way to get a gut feel for the cost is to think for a moment about how long it would take to replace lost work.  How many people would have to spend how many days to create everything from scratch?


10 Things You Didn’t Know an Off-Site IT Team Can Do For Your Business

There are plenty of reasons a company might consider outsourcing IT. Small- to mid-size businesses experiencing growth often need IT services, but can’t afford their own in-house department. Then there’s the company with an in-house IT department that can’t seem to get things under control. More and more companies are turning to off-site IT services to manage their technology needs.


Microsoft Azure Milwaukee

3 Reasons Microsoft Azure Is More Secure Than On-Premise Servers

3 Reasons Microsoft Azure Is More Secure Than On-Premise Servers, Microsoft Azure New Berlin, Microsoft Azure Milwaukee


5 Keys to IT Stability That Ensure “Business as Usual”

Imagine an entire week at work where everything operates smoothly. Your employees are all relaxed and working hard, services and orders are quickly and efficiently processed, and there’s not a whisper of a problem from your technology systems. Imagine a whole week—even a whole month—without a stressful work environment. Wouldn’t that be great?


IT Managed Support and Technical Expertise for your Business

9 Questions to Ask Your IT Team Today

Good leaders understand the importance of delegation. Great leaders get feedback from their delegates and incorporate it into action. So, chances are you’ve hired your IT department to handle your technology because their expertise outweighs yours by a fair margin.


Acrobats Aren’t the Only Ones Who Need a SafetyNET

Swick Technologies offers a complete and comprehensive security service: the SwickTech SafetyNET. This safety net is a comprehensive and secure plan built from the ground up to ensure your sensitive data is backed up securely, safely and at all times.


Azure Cloud Migration Checklist and Strategy

Migrating to the Microsoft Azure Cloud offers many benefits, but having a migration strategy is key. Our checklist can help keep you on track.


Bringing Your Manufacturing ERP System into the 21st Century

ERP systems play an increasingly important roles in businesses, especially for manufacturing companies. At SWICKtech, we understand the challenges manufacturers face as they update their ERP systems and can help you bring your ERP system into the 21st century.


Technology Strategic Planning for your Wisconsin or Illinois Business

Building Out Your 2016 IT Strategic Plan

Outlining an IT strategic plan is one thing. Effective implementation is another. There are plenty of ways to get your IT strategy off the ground. Hiring an outside IT consulting firm can be a cost-effective approach. One of the best ways to save money is to invest in technology when there’s a window of opportunity—and Q4 is a great time for opportunity!


SWICKtech SafetyNET Business Backup and Recovery System

Business Backup Strategies: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The SWICKtech SafetyNet Business Backup and Recovery System harnesses a bulletproof checks-and-balances system. With automated alerts and physical checks performed daily, we know if and when an issue arises with your data, and we’re able to correct it in the least amount of time possible.


Cloud Migration and Your Bottom Line

Thinking about migrating your organization's IT infrastructure to the cloud? Learn about the economics and cost saving benefits associated with making the migration, including direct and indirect savings.


Cloud Migration Checklist: Make Your Migration a Success

Most businesses know they should move to the cloud to keep their data secure, but they might not be aware of the entire migration process. If you're considering a cloud migration for certain applications or email within your organization, use our checklist to find out how to make it a success.


Multi-Layered Network Security for Businesses

David Beat Goliath: Why Every Business Needs Multi-Layered IT Security Now

Technology is so integrated into everything we do (especially in the business world) that we’ve come to depend on it for almost everything—but with this digital revolution comes a fair share of dangers. Whether large or small, your company’s systems and data are more vulnerable to digital crime than you might think.


SWICKtech SafetyNET Backup Plans for Business

Don’t Be An April Fool, Backup Your Data!

SWICKtech SafetyNET provides reliable, secure, and stable cloud backups for your company data. SWICKtech will ensure nightly backups succeed by utilizing automated alerts and daily checks to assure the integrity of your data. Every night your data will be backed up to SWICKtech’s Managed Private Cloud in downtown Milwaukee.


Increase performance and productivity with Windows 10

End of Service for Windows 7 Ahead

Windows 7 systems will no longer have security updates


Microsoft Azure provides industry leading security and privacy

End of Service for Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008

Improved reporting will greatly benefit accounting, operations and sales departments.


Four Reasons to Use Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, an industry leader in cloud solutions is a great fit for companies who haven’t yet tested the waters – or seen the benefits - of cloud computing.


Cloud Computing for your Business

Here’s Why The Cloud is SAFE for Your Business

When moved to the cloud, businesses can access their data anywhere, anytime, and via a variety of devices. This flexibility enhances reaction time to changes in business and can allow companies to better serve their customers.


Importance of Electronic Communication in Business

Improve your business communication. Moving from paper to electronic communications can actually help your business connect easier while saving time and money.


Microsoft Windows 10 for Business

Is your Business ready for Windows 10?

Windows 10 offers some great enhancements that will benefit your business.  Ensuring your business is ready will greatly reduce the risk of compatibility issues for applications and hardware and potentially save your business money.  As they say, free is not always free.


New Technology for business owners and businesses

IT Advice CEOs Should Never Ignore

Working with your IT professionals here is very important; you’ll both need to do your research and be open to alternative solutions to determine how your day-to-day business processes will be affected by technology changes.


Make Your Life Easier: Move Your Business to the Cloud

Moving your organization's IT services often saves money and time. Learn how to make your life easier by moving your business to the cloud.


Microsoft Office 365 Case Study: Staying Open in Frigid Temperatures

Don't let the cold Wisconsin winter weather impact your day to day operations, leverage Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams to enable a mobile workforce


IT Support and Project Management Consulting for Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin

SWICKtech 2016 New Website Launch

SWICKtech is rebranding ourselves with renewed focus on IT Project Consulting and Business Application Management. Our Engineers and Analysts have all the expertise needed to integrate those tools into your company.


BizTimes Print Publication of SWICKtech Future 50 Award Winner

SWICKtech Future 50 Winner Featured in BizTimes Media

Presented by MMAC's Council of Small Business Executives (COSBE), the Future 50 Award celebrates the success of fast-growing regional companies!


SwickTech Stability Cube

SwickTech Stability Cube is six key steps necessary for achieving stability in your business computer systems.


Technology Best Practice and Industry Standards – How

As you know, in manufacturing and business in general there are sets of recognized standards and procedures on how to effectively conduct business and operations. For example, if your company is creating a part that another company will use in their finished product, it’s even more important to get things right so the parts fit properly.


Benefits of Microsoft Windows Office 365

The Benefits of an Office 365 for Business Upgrade

Our experienced team of technical business IT providers can comprehensively advise your company based on specified requests and requirements. We plan and execute the upgrade process to ensure the safety and security of existing files, software programs, etc., as well as mitigate or eliminate any company downtime.



The Top IT Trends of 2017… So Far

Although the year isn't over, some of this year's biggest trends have already started to reveal themselves. Learn more about 2017's latest IT trends and how they'll impact your business.


Three Big Reasons to Choose Microsoft Azure over other Cloud Providers

Why Microsoft clients are choosing Microsoft Azure for their cloud solution.



Understanding Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Many businesses still rely on phone calls, emails, or fax to complete everyday transactions. EDI gives businesses the opportunity to share documents via computer-to-computer interactions in a standardized format. Learn how EDI can help your business.


Determine the advantages and disadvantages of a wireless-only office

Wireless-Only Office

Pros and Cons of a Wireless-Only Office


You Need IT Stability: Why Unstable IT is Like Feeding Your Company to the Lions

What do we mean by IT stability? IT stability means your systems, your data and your network are all up-and-running, and stable and secure, so you can go about your day-to-day business without IT hassles. Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?


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