Cloud Computing 

TRANSFORM your business and ACCELERATE YOUR GROWTH with a cloud solution.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing delivers traditional computing services, like servers, databases, software and more, over the the cloud (i.e.. the Internet). Cloud computing is perfect for companies creating new applications and services, delivering software, analyzing data and more. 

Making the Jump to the Cloud

Cloud migration is the process of uploading business applications or services from its current server to a cloud provider. This is often accomplished by migrating applications from an on-site server, but can also involve moving content from one cloud provider to another to address security concerns or service challenges. 

Organizations migrate applications or services to the cloud for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s the added convenience, financial perks, or scalability, cloud database solutions offer an array of benefits for organizations to improve business processes and grow.  


Benefits of the Cloud 


Convenience and Reliability

With Microsoft cloud services, like Azure, your information is available anytime, anywhere. Because data is not hosted on-site, you can access key information even if on-site applications are down.

Financial Viability

Cloud database solutions are less expensive to maintain than on premise server applications. The monthly fee associated with cloud computing solutions is often less than the on-site maintenance fees.

Worldwide Accessibility

On-site servers can accrue additional costs, or technical incompatibility, when accessed from other locations. With a cloud database solution, your information is easily available anywhere.


Cloud computing, specifically private and hybrid clouds, provide stricter security qualifications for organizations with sensitive data concerns. Our cloud consulting services  help determine which method of cloud computing will suit your security needs. 


As your business grows, updating on-site server technology can be incredibly pricey. Cloud computing is easier to scale and iess expensive to upgrade as your IT needs change. 

Disaster Recovery

Setting up additional disaster recovery efforts within an on-site server can be pricey. With cloud computing, data recovery efforts are implemented at a much lower price.

Find your cloud.

As a leading provider of business cloud migration services in the Upper Midwest, SWICKtech understands every company and organization has different needs when it comes to cloud storage and security. To accommodate these needs, we offer two primary options for business cloud storage: managed private clouds and hybrid clouds.


Private Cloud Solutions   Hybrid Cloud Solutions

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