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Client & Sponsorship Events

2016Future50BusinessAwards1.jpg2016Future50BusinessAwards2.jpg2017BizExpoBoothPiccropped.jpg2017Kaseywithguestduringevent.jpeg2017PlinkoGame.jpegDanSon.v3.jpgF2B2016.JPGJayneStacyEllie.jpgShannonandYatzek.jpgSWICKtech 10 Year Anniversary Party for Clients.JPGSWICKtech 10 Year Anniversary Party.JPGSWICKtech Anniversary Party in New Berlin Wisconsin.JPGSWICKtech Anniversary Party In New Berlin.JPGSWICKtech Anniversary Party New Berlin Wisconsin.jpgSWICKtech BizExpo Tradeshow in Wisconsin.jpgSWICKtech COSBE Golf Outing for Wisconsin .jpgSWICKtech Digital Billboard Showcasing eCycle Event.jpgSWICKtech New Berlin Chamber of Commerce Golf Outing.jpgSWICKtech New Office Opening in New Berlin Wisconsin.jpgSWICKtech Owner Gary Swick with Rebecca Kleefish.jpgSWICKtech Premier Hole In One Golf Sponsorship.jpgSWICKtech sponsoring Free to Breathe 5k Walk/Run.jpgSWICKtech Sponsorship and Help with Palermo's Easter Baskets For Those in Need.JPGSWICKtech Sponsorship at Waukesha County Business Alliance Golf OutingjpgSWICKtech Sponsorship of The Womens Center Fashion Show Waukesha Wisconsin.jpgSWICKtech Ten Year Anniversary Event.JPGSWICKtech Winning Award at ActionCOACH Benefit.jpgSWICKtech Winning Award at ActionCOACH Benefit.jpgTeamSelfee.v11.jpgTonyStart.jpg
SWICKtech Culture

SWICKtech Culture

20161028_120925.jpg20161028_121034.jpg20161028_121801.jpg2016SWICKtechChristmasCelebrationCompanyCultureMilwaukeeWisconsin.jpg2016SWICKtechChristmasPotluck1.jpg2016SWICKtechCompanyChristmasCelebrationCompanyCulture.jpg2016SWICKtechCompanyCultureGivingitourAll.jpgAwards Luncheon for Future 50 2nd Year Winners 2015 SWICKtech.jpgAwards Luncheon for Future 50 2nd Year Winners 2015.JPGAwards Luncheon for Future 50 First Year Winners 2014.jpgCompany Culture Be Passionate About Whatever You Do.jpgCompany Culture Develop Relationships.jpgCompany Culture Have Fun Every Day.jpgEmployee Event & Sponsorship of Safe Babies Healthy Familes Fashion Show.jpgEmployee Event & Sponsorship The Womens Center Fashion Show.jpgEmployee Event Halloween Costume Party.JPGEmployee Event Laser Tag for SWICKtech.JPGEmployee Event Speed Car Racing for SWICKtech.JPGEmployee Professional Services Staff of SWICKtech in New Berlin Wisconsin.jpgEmployee Support Staff of SWICKtech in New Berlin Wisconsin.jpgEmployees Administrative Staff of SWICKtech in New Berlin Wisconsin.jpgEmployees of SWICKtech Group Picture in New Berlin Wisconsin.jpgF2B2016.jpgGary Swick President of SWICKtech.jpgGaryonFloatingSkateboard.jpgSWICKtech Selfie for BizTimes Print Publication.jpgSWICKtech12WeekBootCampwithOrangeShoe.JPGSWICKtechBeveragescompanydrinks.JPGSWICKtechChristmasParty2017.jpgSWICKtechPingPongTournaments.JPGSWICKtechsnackshealthandwellness.JPGSWICKtechVolleyballteam.jpgTechnologyTraining.jpeg

Business IT Solutions: SWICKtech Stability Cube®

At Swick Technologies, we understand stable business IT (information technology) is the essential foundation for success. The powerful effects of partnering with SWICKtech versus working with other providers is demonstrated in our unique SWICKtech Stability Cube®.

SWICKtech Team Building: Laser Tag Extravaganza

At Swick Technologies, one of our essential Core Values is to "Have Fun Every Day." SWICKtech took the whole company out for an afternoon of laser tag and chaos appropriately ensued. 

Lock It Down: IT Security Seminar

Having your business's network security set up correctly will help protect from cyber attacks as your company grows. When getting into mult-site branch offices which are interconnected, or integrating data into cloud-based products, you must invest in a quality network solution with proper firewall configurations to prevent data loss. 

SWICKtech Gets Iced: Ice Bucket Challenge

At Swick Technologies, a core value is to "Have Fun Every Day" along with "Building Relationships." By icing the vast majority of our company in this challenge along with nominating three other local businesses we work with - it's a win win type of situation! 

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