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New Building Move & Vendor Management 

Expanding Your Business

A youth community organization opened a new building, requiring a complete network infrastructure and telecommunications equipment. The newly purchased office was required to operate in conjunction with the existing central office location. 


A full network infrastructure deployment was needed to facilitate communication systems between the existing central office and the new office. SWICKtech needed to provide radio frequency monitoring and centralized management to properly control all access points to provide building-wide wireless coverage. 


SWICKtech worked as the primary point of contact for all network telecommunication needs, including internet access, wired and wireless infrastructure hardware, structured cabling, telephony evaluation and physical security equipment integration. 

SWICKtech also installed a Cisco Unified Wireless environment, using Cisco Aironet 1852i Wireless Access Points and a Cisco 2504 Wireless LAN Controller for complete wireless coverage throughout the entire building. Additionally, a Fortinet FortiGate 61E firewall with Unified Threat Management (UTM) licensing functionality, providing integrated web filtering, in-line antivirus, and application recognition was installed at the new location. 


Onboarding ESP and Networking Improvements 

Our Essential Stability Protection (ESP) Service

A manufacturer of precision machined parts and complex welded assemblies was unhappy with their former IT vendor and requested SWICKtech provide our Essential Stability Protection services to complement their internal IT manager.  


SWICKtech identified three areas of improvement. First, it was discovered that one of their firewalls needed to be repurposed for use as a VPN concentrator using the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client. Second, SWICKtech updated baseline equipment improvements for stability and consistency. Finally, the client needed some major physical improvements to the network areas for better network management and to assist with troubleshooting. 


SWICKtech deployed stability services including spam filtering and antivirus which reduced recurring expenditure of separate products with associated support contracts and licensing. Additionally, SWICKtech redesigned network infrastructure using the client’s existing HP ProCurve switches into a collapsed-core network topology. This change eliminated many points of failure and dramatically increased network throughout.  Lastly, the client’s remote access functionality was improved by using a Cisco AnyConnect SSLVPN with an existing Cisco ASA 5505 firewall. 


Data Backup Improvements

Manufacturing Company Seeking Decreased Physical Footprint


A global Yacht Manufacturing Company was housing outdated IT virtual and server infrastructure, which posed significant risk to global operations. Multiple single points of failure were present in the compute, storage, and network layers causing extended production delay if a failure were to occur.

Upon SWICKtech IT Project Consultant’s recommendations, we moved them to a highly available VMware cluster, utilizing shared storage to accommodate entire production workload, allowing the environment to continue functioning in the event of multiple hardware failures.

IT management overhead and operational cost was reduced by deploying VMware vCenter to monitor and manage the environment. Physical servers were reduced from fourteen to two, saving significant operational costs on power, cooling, warranty renewal, asset tracking, and management.

Backup system reliability and speed was greatly increased by moving away from tape to an on-premises disk-backed Barracuda Backup system that provided management synergies with their location in Europe. This system alleviated the performance impact experienced by New Zealand and Australia locations by greatly reducing the backup windows.




WAN Improvements for Manufacturing

Third Site Turn up for Network Access


A Global Manufacturing Company with two local sites was planning on turning up a third site with needed network access capabilities.

SWICKtech IT Project Consultants (i.e. Network Engineers) designed a WAN network using point-to-point wireless bridges between all three sites as they were all within line-of-sight of each other.

The new site also required new network equipment both wired and wireless. Our New Berlin Network Engineers purchased, configured and implemented all network equipment. This included changing network addressing at one existing site.

Overall, this resulted in successful network communication between all three sites with functional dynamic redundancy.



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