Data Backup and Recovery

Data Conversion Improvements

for Line of Business Application


A nationwide Calibration Laboratory with headquarters based in Milwaukee requested assistance to improve their Data Conversion Process. The process to move data between two Line of Business applications was taking over 24 hours to complete.

SWICKtech investigated, documented and made upgrades to the process. Improvements to the scripts which ran the process as well as upgrading the hardware it was running were completed.

The process to convert data now runs in 6-8 hours and can be completed nightly instead of taking days and slowing down daily work. With the assistance of our IT Consultants, we also were able to automate much of the data conversion, minimizing overhead costs.



Data Backup Improvements

Manufacturing Company Seeking Decreased Physical Footprint


A global Yacht Manufacturing Company was housing outdated IT virtual and server infrastructure, which posed significant risk to global operations. Multiple single points of failure were present in the compute, storage, and network layers causing extended production delay if a failure were to occur.

Upon SWICKtech IT Project Consultant’s recommendations, we moved them to a highly available VMware cluster, utilizing shared storage to accommodate entire production workload, allowing the environment to continue functioning in the event of multiple hardware failures.

IT management overhead and operational cost was reduced by deploying VMware vCenter to monitor and manage the environment. Physical servers were reduced from fourteen to two, saving significant operational costs on power, cooling, warranty renewal, asset tracking, and management.

Backup system reliability and speed was greatly increased by moving away from tape to an on-premises disk-backed Barracuda Backup system that provided management synergies with their location in Europe. This system alleviated the performance impact experienced by New Zealand and Australia locations by greatly reducing the backup windows.




Assist in Design and Migration of Company Data

SWICKtech's Managed Private Cloud


A local Automation company located in Sussex was facing a challenge with sharing files reliably and securely across their multiple sites. This automation company utilized SWICKtech Help Desk through a monthly Essential Stability Protection (ESP) Agreement.

The IT Project Management Team of Engineers consulted through sales engineering to establish they had many several aging servers at the client’s headquarters. These servers were becoming increasingly unstable and failing without notice leading to emergency conditions needing to be addressed in a timely manner while also making sure the company had no downtime.

To ensure no loss of data and secure sharing of files, SWICKtech successfully migrated all client data off their on premise server onto SWICKtech’s Managed Private Cloud, held locally at our Data Center in Milwaukee. We added SWICKtech SafetyNET to their monthly Essential Stability Protection Agreement. 

Since then, they have had no issues in secure and reliable file access across multiple sites on a VPN setup. This resulted in revamped file security to align more closely with the companies’ growing business needs.



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