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A local Automation company located in Sussex was facing a challenge with sharing files reliably and securely across their multiple sites. This automation company utilized SWICKtech Help Desk through a monthly Essential Stability Protection (ESP) Agreement.

The IT Project Management Team of Engineers consulted through sales engineering to establish they had many several aging servers at the client’s headquarters. These servers were becoming increasingly unstable and failing without notice leading to emergency conditions needing to be addressed in a timely manner while also making sure the company had no downtime.

To ensure no loss of data and secure sharing of files, SWICKtech successfully migrated all client data off their on premise server onto SWICKtech’s Managed Private Cloud, held locally at our Data Center in Milwaukee. We added SWICKtech SafetyNET to their monthly Essential Stability Protection Agreement. 

Since then, they have had no issues in secure and reliable file access across multiple sites on a VPN setup. This resulted in revamped file security to align more closely with the companies’ growing business needs.



Virtual Server Improvements for LOB Upgrade

SWICKtech’s Managed Private Cloud 


A leading Manufacturer of Custom Engineered Locomotive Equipment on a global level was in need of a server upgrade for their current ERP program, M2M. As a long standing client of SWICKtech’s with a monthly Full Stability Protection (FSA) Agreement, they reached out to our Engineers to ensure a smooth transition for the upgrade.

Upon review of this company’s current Server hardware in correlation with necessary specifications required for the latest version of M2M, SWICKtech recommended a hardware upgrade as well. The IT Project Consulting Team provided a plan to address both problems within a single project.

A seamless conversion to new virtualized servers from their older physical servers was completed to support the current operating systems. SWICKtech Engineers created new virtual machines and managed the project of migrating software configuration and SQL Databases to the new systems.

The end result provided this global company located in Milwaukee with a fully virtualized server infrastructure, improved backups to SWICKtech’s own Managed Private Cloud Data Center while running the modern versions of SQL licensing needed to move to latest version of M2M. 



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