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Microsoft Office 365 Migration with Exchange Online

Migration of All Email Users to Microsoft Business Essentials with Hosted Exchange Online

SWICKtech assisted a recently acquired company with becoming compliant with their corporate offices platform by integrating Microsoft Office 365 email system within a month of their acquisition, for 50 plus PC’s and 100 iPads as endpoints. 


Client has multiple locations across the United States including Pennsylvania, Las Vegas, Florida and Wisconsin. To ensure a seamless transition, coordination of all workstations powered on to complete the migration per site was important. The POP email configuration also was a challenge, creating the need to apply patches to any older Outlook 2010 clients during the migration to get each workstation up to speed. 


By migrating all email users to Microsoft Business Essentials with hosted Exchange Online, the client gained significant security improvements, consistent email experience across devices, more overall storage as well as a redundant and reliable backup solution. 
Hosted Exchange Online also provided shared calendaring, the ability to access email through online browser and desktop, scaling per user mailboxes and 50GB mailbox storage for each account. The migration provided the client with the tools needed for inter-office communication with Skype for Business, allowing for easy correspondence between all nationwide branches. 

Line of Business (LOB) Migration

Migration of Server Components to a Virtual Windows Server

SWICKtech’s client had recently invested in a LOB software that handled their imaging, inventory management and 3D design solutions. The client requested SWICKtech work directly with their vendor to migrate the client’s LOB (Line of Business) into their existing IT environment. SWICKtech was tasked with improving the software’s functionality as it was not properly installed by original vendor or configured to align with their existing IT environment. 


The LOB software was implemented on a desktop PC running a desktop class operating system. Although the software may have been running fine at the time, from a technical standpoint the physical location of the PC and its operating system presented unnecessary risks. The hardware provided minimal security redundancy, carried less than SWICKtech’s recommended three-year warranty and had no present backup solution. 


SWICKtech migrated the server components of the LOB to a virtual Windows server application running on server hardware the client already owned. From there, SWICKtech worked with the LOB vendor in migrating the software to the server and ensured a smooth transition for any workstation to run the LOB software. As an added benefit, the Windows application server was also able to be used for other software in the future as the client continues to grow and expand.   

The IT Jackpot - "Green Field”

Network Infrastructure & Mobile Workstation Improvements for Healthcare Organization


A Pediatrics facility located in Waukesha was unhappy with the monthly service they were receiving from their IT Managed Service Provider.  Their current Managed Service Provider was renting all their equipment so updated equipment for purchase was a necessary item to tackle.

SWICKtech IT Business Consultants met with the Pediatrics facility, proposing a new Monthly Service Agreement along with updated network and mobile workstation equipment. A ‘green field’ environment allowed SWICKtech to provide top quality Enterprise Network Equipment and Dell touch screen laptops to the entire office.

With our Network Engineers leading the project, Cisco Network equipment including network switches and wireless access points were installed. Through Cisco’s Unified Wireless solution, SWICKtech was able to improve their poor quality wireless throughout the office. 26 New Dell laptops were prepared with data transferred over and training to all Doctors and Nurses to ensure a smooth transition.

This healthcare organization invests in a SWICKtech Full Stability Monthly Agreement with unlimited help desk support as needed.  Since they transitioned to our platform, little extra help has been needed based off their increased wireless stability and continued service.



Microsoft Office 365 Migration

From a Server Failure Problem

A Milwaukee Law Firm experienced a server crash. For a quick and safe solution, SWICKtech migrated the firm’s email and files to Microsoft Office 365 by configuring each desktop.

All of the first critical emails and files were recovered and migrated to the new Office 365 platform. In addition, the firm is now able to access their files remotely on the Office 365 platform whereas before they would only access them within the office.


Microsoft Office 365 Migration

for over 175 Mailboxes

A local company who designs, installs and sells office furniture throughout Southeastern Wisconsin was using a combination of different versions of older, unsupported Microsoft Office software. They reached out to SWICKtech for assistance in upgrading and consolidating their Office package to the latest version companywide, Office 365.

With the help of the Milwaukee business IT providers at SWICKtech, we were able to successfully migrate over 175 email boxes, 100 home drives to OneDrive and 100 installations of Microsoft Office throughout the entire company.

We also migrated the company off the older Microsoft Exchange 2010 on-site email server, so they could take advantage of a 50 GB mailbox, plus better business backup and guaranteed up-time with email.

Office 365 for Business also has a built-in Anti-Spam, which eliminated the company’s need to pay for separate monthly Anti-Spam licenses.

Finally, our Milwaukee business IT providers aided in the implementation of a centrally-managed “Cloud” version, which delivered a company-wide email signature solution.



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