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SWICKtech handles full-service IT infrastructure, cybersecurity support and improvement for a tool and die cast manufacturing company.

Project Summary: SWICKtech handles full-service IT infrastructure and cybersecurity support and improvement for a tool and die cast manufacturing company. SWICKtech has been working with the manufacturer to provide hardware and software as well as ERP maintenance.

Background: The die cast manufacturer is a small organization, about 60 employees in Hartland WI. The company previously employed an on-staff IT person where SWICKtech was used as supplemental consulting and support. The manufacturer eventually decided to outsource their IT services completely to SWICKtech in 2014.

Project: SWICKtech provides complete IT Help Desk, IT Project Consulting, and IT Support for all the technology at the company. The services SWICKtech provides range from managing the company’s ERP to improving cloud and physical backup servers and risk management and security from cyber threats.

“It’s hard to measure risk tolerance and abatement in specific terms, but what we know is that we haven’t been hacked. We haven’t had any sort of cyber disaster, despite having several instances where malware reached our computers and (SWICKtech was) able to clear it off the workstation before it penetrated the network in any way.” Said the company’s CFO.

Outcome: Since outsourcing their IT department completely to SWICKtech, the manufacturer says they’ve been able to focus on what they do best and not have to worry about any IT issues in the process.

“The one thing that really set them apart early on is that they took the time to understand our business and how it works. That commitment gave them the foundation they needed to provide a service that not only have us functioning IT infrastructure but did it in a way that was tailored to our specific needs.”

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