Microsoft Azure lays groundwork for Government Cloud Adoption

By Ryan Klund - Business Development Associate

Historically known as slow adapters to emerging technology; federal, state and local governments are quickly moving to cloud computing thanks to federal policy change, the Coronavirus pandemic and breakthrough innovation and compliance by Microsoft Azure.

Just last year a new federal initiative called Cloud Smart was put into place to place by the White House to drive cloud adoption by federal agencies. “By updating an outdated policy, Cloud Smart embraces best practices from both the federal government and the private sector, ensuring agencies have capability to leverage leading solutions to better serve agency mission, drive improved citizen services and increase cyber security," said Suzette Kent, Federal Chief Informational Officer.

Local and State governments have also been under increasing pressure by the public to provide modern technology and optimized services for citizens as well as advanced security to protect their information.

Responding to the demand for these government cloud-computing services, Microsoft Azure Government designed specifically, a trusted and secure cloud solution for federal, state and local governments. Azure Government checks boxes for all major government compliances.

Azure Government Compliances:

  • FedRAMP Compliance (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program): FedRAMP is a mandatory, government-wide approach to federal security assessment, authorization and monitoring for cloud products and services.
  • HIPPA Compliance: Health Care organizations must adhere to strict HIPPA regulations to protect the privacy and security of patients.
  • ITAR Compliance (International Traffic in Arms Regulations): Government rules that control the export and import of defense-related services and technology ensuring information doesn’t fall into the hands of those who expressly intended to have it.
  • CJIS Compliance (Criminal Justice Information Services): This regulation keeps criminal justice and law enforcement in agreement about standards for data security and encryption. These databases contain information about detaining criminals, background checks and tracking criminal activity.
  • DISA Compliance (Defense Information Systems Administration): Is an agency that provides IT and communications support to Government and Department of Defense (DoD) organizations. If organizations aren’t compliant with DISA they’ll risk having access to the DoD terminated.

Thanks to advancements by Microsoft in Azure Government Cloud, it’s shaping up to be an exciting time for development and deployment of innovative solutions for federal agencies, health organizations, and local municipalities.

SWICKtech is an Authorized and Certified Microsoft Azure Government Cloud Service Provider and can implement or assist in your Azure Government Cloud Solution.

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