Microsoft Teams Replacing Your Office Phones Will Still Make Sense When You Return to The Office

By Ryan Klund - SWICKtech Business Development Associate

We are learning more every day that “flipping the switch” has been a difficult and costly proposition for many businesses in Wisconsin and around the United States. By “flipping the switch,” we of course are referring to the millions of Americans that transitioned from working in an office to working from home in just a matter of weeks.

Off the innumerable infrastructure hurdles businesses have faced, coming up with a solution to replace the office business telephone system has been a very common hurdle for many small and mid-sized businesses.

Before the COVID-19 crisis, unified communication and cloud voice solutions were replacing telephony infrastructure and early indications are that demand has gone up for voice and other cloud solutions amidst the crisis. At SWICKtech, we are continually answering questions about installing Microsoft 365 Business Voice for companies with newly remote employees but the value after we all return to work will continue to be impactful.

What is Microsoft 365 Business Voice?

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a modern cloud-based telephony solution in Microsoft Teams. The solution delivers an all-in-one communication solution to merge calling, chat and meetings into a single application.

Here are the reasons your cloud phone system will still make sense when you return to the office:

A cloud voice solution will save money

With Microsoft 365 Business Voice there are reduced maintenance and support costs and no need to replace end-of-life equipment and hardware. International and long-distance call costs are eliminated, and employees save time. Integration of your phone system with of Microsoft Teams can save a single employee 1.5 hours per week with better access to voice calling.

Employee’s like it better

Especially with millennials and a younger workforce, having an integrated and modern communication system will improve employee satisfaction in your office. Also, with a cloud voice solution in place work-life balance can be easier to achieve and it is easier to offer employees work-from-home capabilities now and when life returns to normal.

Security and scalability are improved

Because Microsoft 365 Business Voice is tied into Microsoft, it has the same security, compliance, and access solutions that the rest of the Microsoft’s cloud apps have. Also, cloud voice solutions are more scalable than traditional phone systems. Adding or getting rid of an employee phone and phone number employee are as easy as adding or subtracting a business license; literally with the click of a button.  

SWICKtech IT Project Engineers can assist in implementing a Microsoft 365 Business Voice solution for your organization at any time. If you have any questions or would like a free quote – contact us anytime.

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